Monday, June 6, 2016

One Intuitive BEING OF SERVICE to Another....

What happens when a highly intuitive empath visits a SUPER talented channeling intuitive?

Pretty much magic... a little butt kicking, truth telling, laughing, crying and BIG shifts!

 I have to admit that after living in this space for over 40+ years... 
I am pretty hard to impress...

I am not coming from ego.
I am coming from a place where I have tried and experienced a lot...

For years I have said out loud 
that I would LOVE to find someone 
to do for me... what I do for other people. 
I am a Master Manifestor... 
So, clearly I wasn't really ready... 

 UNTIL NOW and BOY did it show up for me BIG Time!

I Truly believe in hiring professionals to walk you through your Journey. I don't just say it. I do it. I hired an Intuitive Business Coach 6 moths ago and have been amazed at the clarity that he has helped me achieve. 

This week I was referred to a woman that is a spiritual channelor. Her modality is through massage, touch and channeling information through spirit. She actually used several varied advanced modalities as I laid on the table and I was quite impressed with the layered approach. I use MANY techniques with clients and I don't find many people that do....

I have such a grounded process that I don't use a lot of the verbiage that others do either...
However, it doesn't mean that I don't fully believe in the work that they do. The Process that I use with clients is just different. 

I always fully show up ready to Participate
in the Moment 
Today was not to give... It was to Receive...

The first thing that she said after laying her hands on me was...."I see you alone on a boat." Well, anyone that has followed my journey knows that this adventurer has been living on a boat for about a year and a half... Alone. I asked if she wanted feedback and she said no... that she wanted to let it flow. I show up completely open ready to participate in what ever happened.

She then spent nearly two hours addressing: work, family (some of what was unexpected but accurate), relationships, moving, business...

Deep inner work that I needed to address and shift.

She sighed deeply and said....

"You are a gifted master at holding a safe
space for people to be vulnerable..."
I agreed.
That is a large gift that I am able to give to my clients. Gina... the practitioner...
Held that space for me.
A True Gift. 

That was the first time that I have experienced what I offer to clients - in a similar way that I offer it. I get feedback from people about their experiences and I'm proud of the response....

I now have two trusted intuitives that I am working with and have engaged and invited them to guide and walk this journey with me. 

We often put others first - family, friends, clients. Life is always a journey and I am embarking on opening my heart even wider.... Becoming even more Vulnerable... When I told someone that I am openly becoming more vulnerable she asked... "How is that possible? You lay it all out on stage..." Well, we can always be more, show up more, love more, be more vulnerable. Small shifts bring BIG changes and/or results.... Once you reach one level... it's time to uplevel and shift again.

There is no point in time where we are all knowing and have no room to grow.

Life is a Journey after all... Not a Destination

I was blown away by my experience. 
I have this enormous Heart!
I am committed to opening up to LOVING Even MORE... Particularly Myself
I am releasing control.
I am trusting Me. 

With Gratitude....
Kimberly Reyes

Thursday, June 2, 2016

How Are You Using Social Media! BIG VALUE!

[HOW ARE YOU USING SOCIAL MEDIA?] Getting people to embrace it is like pulling teeth sometimes!!!!
SOCIAL MEDIA is the easiest way to create a brand within a brand.... ( I teach this... More later! )
It's a fabulous TOOL! Here is a stat that I just looked at..... My twitter account has 200% more click throughs to my blog than any other source....
FUNNY thing is that this is NOT the industry standard.... It is not what any social media report will tell you.
TRUTH is that I don't have very many followers on TWITTER.... It is my smallest social media following. I rarely pay attention to it.... I just post my own info occasionally and share high volume like and share posts from others.... Basically, shares are something that I want to read later... I share it to my feed for my personal reference.... That is how I have managed to accumulate my small following on Twitter....
BUT... the fact is that just like ALL social media... it's exponential! I had close to 480 blog hits within a few hours of posting which came from Twitter! I only have about 600 friends... Twitter:  @Clairty_Mentor
IT'S ALL A GAME! Make it a game and it will not be like pulling teeth.... Don't take it personally or too darn serious. Watch the #'s and analytics so that you can be strategic.... Make it all work for you... BUT, don't let it be painful!
ENJOY the small AND Large victories! Social Media is a FABULOUS Tool!  Something Unexpected could just work for you!
Join Me!!!! Instagram:  @Kimberly_Reyes_Intuitive
~with gratitude,

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day.. Hardest Day of the Year... Still Grateful

Clarity & Growth

Creating the Life that you LOVE

Everyone knows that Mother’s Day is particularly difficult for me…. Living mindfully, making choices and deciding how my life will be has taken years of work and consciousness….
I could sit & wallow all day (I don’t judge those that do… I am just offering that there is another option when you are ready. No judgement.)
  • I have identified the things that bring me joy and feed my soul.
  • I have identified my easy No’s and easier Yes’s…..
  • I have learned and shifted without blame. I have forgiven or continue to love those that don’t love me back. I choose a soft heart.
  • I have hired people I trust to help me see the blind spots that I couldn’t see for myself and to bring me full-circle to the work that I am meant to do.
It’s not easy. But, it’s doable… You can create a life that brings you joy and fulfillment. Does it mean that you completely block out moments of sadness… No! It means that you know how to move through them and shift back to feeling joy and gratitude in the moment.
It's funny how this social media thing works... I am sharing vulnerably and honestly because REAL is important. I am finding the most damaging thing on social media is the comparisons that people are doing and it damages the ego... 
Sometimes slightly while you are unaware and sometimes dramatically.

When I post happy images sometimes people ask me if I am pretending. :-) No. I'm not. Mother's Day is one of the hardest days of the year for me. When I woke up I was sad. So sad that it was like physically moving through quicksand... 

I treated myself very gently in the morning... I took time to look out at the Golden Gate Bridge with a little quiet time… My friend and I had a leisurely morning of great conversation over coffee…

And then we sailed….
At one point he said, 
“You are glowing… What are you thinking about?”

Me: “Gratitude… 
My soul feels at peace and I am just grateful.”

Did I cry yesterday? 


Then I looked up and was surrounded by beauty. Whales jumping out of the water near the boat… or completely surrounded with porpoise that look like tiny dolphin… We choose what we focus on and It turned out to be my BEST sail on the Bay. I was supported by my love of the ocean, a wonderful friend and the Universe sent me all of my favorite sea creatures to help me shift. Manifesting? Maybe... Paradigm Shifts? Probably.... 
Gratitude? Definitely.

I feel it all. 

Shoving things down doesn’t work. 
Learning to shift does. Did I have moments of sadness? YES. 
Did I sit there all day? No…

Is it easy? No..

But... You can Choose.
You can create and enjoy a life that you LOVE!

As I sit with the speech that I am giving today on Clarity & Growth ~ Creating the Life that you LOVE~ I ponder this thing called perfectionism. It’s never perfect. There will always be life, pain, loss, and all that comes with the journey. When you learn to live in ease and flow…. Being conscious and mindful… The moments of Joy and Fulfillment outnumber the rest.

I have taught this over the years and I am so excited to take it to an even deeper level in my 3 day retreat format. Where ever you are, no matter how good your life, no matter how balanced you feel, no matter what it is... It can ALWAYS be better! Finding those nooks and crannies for improvement, the blind spots that increase JOY & FULFILLMENT... BALANCE & ALIGNMENT only makes it more beautiful.... 

There is no such thing as perfection. Life can be pretty darn amazing though! I am proud and grateful for the person that I am, the life that I have created and this amazing journey that I find myself on.... 

Life is Beautiful. <3 Grateful…… 

With Gratitude....
Kimberly Reyes

Friday, January 15, 2016

I LOVE My BODY... No Matter What they say....


Like Always... If it could happen to me... It is certainly happening to others. So I share...

My self-esteem and value are not based on any other person.... My body image is mine alone. I am comfortable being naked. I am comfortable having a man look at me... ALL of me.

My weight goes up and down.... I feel sexy and desirable AT EVERY weight.

I will never lose or alter my body for anyone else. I LOVE ME. ALWAYS. I am a Sensual Soul. My fluctuation is about me and my lifestyle. PERIOD. If I shift... It's because of ME. 

When you judge... It only reflects negatives about You.

I am not interested in others opinions... Although people think they should give them. I am ALWAYS ME. I don't change. I won't change for you or anyone else. People that come sit with me or work with me are often surprised... I am the same in public and in private.

I have been given some of the most amazing gifts from men that all women should experience. It's an amazing thing to have a man love to touch every single part of your body at your heaviest weight. To gobble you up and desire you... To authentically rave about your beauty and to make you feel like the most amazing creature on the planet. To caress the parts of your body passionately that others criticize and that you have always felt self conscious... That is an amazing gift and my experience in life.

I don't care what size you are... how thin, fit, curvy.... You should be adored! LOVE where you are at!

Last week I experienced something different... A first for me. A man that I have known for a couple years and that has pursued me... told me that even though I was the most amazing woman that he has ever met AND that we have this amazing connection... He doesn't think that we can be together because even if I lost weight... I would still not be tone and athletic. He could never be attracted physically to a woman that was different than what he had historically dated. Dancers.

Well, even at my most fit state... I have never had that body type, nor will I. I am me. Will always be me. I think that it was selfish and cruel to pursue me knowing this about himself AND even more callous saying those things to me. It is clearly his issue and not mine. What positive could be accomplished by stating that to me? Ego.....

I don't expect everyone to be attracted to me. I am rarely attracted to people. It has to be a certain something. I DO expect to be treated with dignity and respect. What he said and how he said it, told me a lot about him. It didn't change me.

How many of you would have internalized it, looked inside and out for flaws to fix? How many of you would have felt smaller, less than and want to curl up in a ball? Many....

I share this because I have now spoken to several women that have experienced this type of behavior not once, but many times in their lives.... It is just not okay. It isn't shared or spoken because it is cloaked in shame. I REFUSE to feel shame over someone else's issues. He will NOT shame ME! 

Of coarse... come to find out... he has his own body issues about himself. He keeps himself partially covered at all times and wears more clothes than needed because he is having body issues. I was like.. Bring it on... I accept you as you are... I am a loving soul that can make you feel like the most attractive person on the planet... The gracious acceptance was not received or given. I am once again the unwilling mirror for the person sitting across from me.

I have enough of my own shit... I don't need to take on anyone else's! I know my shit. That isn't it....

Join me. Find your inner strength and love yourself. Others will follow.

Loose weight, stay the same, get fit, have surgery... Do what ever feels right for YOU! It is your journey. LOVE Yourself at every stage... No matter where you are or where you are going - LOVE YOURSELF!

I am my heaviest in a long time. I don't have a problem getting a date or the attention of men. I was asked out in the hot tub at a spa... It's how we feel about ourselves.... Don't let other people make you feel bad... 

I am not perfect or strong all of the time. I fall in line sometimes and have been guilty:

  • Avoiding events where I know people that I haven't see in a while will be... I don't want to deal with the comments that are said to me and behind my back (that I clearly still hear).
  • Missing visits with a best friend that makes comments about weight gain and judges everyone based on weight and appearance. It's just ugly and I don't want to deal with it.
  • Ending friendships when I was thinner because the person constantly made negative comments about "FATTY Men" and other ugly things... She felt she could talk that way to me because I wasn't "heavy" at the time.
  • Feeling uncomfortable with my clothes...
  • Having days when I am happier than others....
Are you a perfect wife, husband, mother, parent, business owner, provider? Do you drink, take drugs, smoke, exercise too much, have eating issues, suffer from depression? What else are you able to hide that no one else knows but you? We cannot hide our weight. We wear it on the outside. No hiding.

Until you are living a life of perfection or you are walking my journey. You may not judge..... I am so FRICKIN proud of the person that I am. If you judge me without knowing me... Shame on you. That says oodles about you.

Please don't let anyone take away your pride, value or confidence <3 Expect to be treated with dignity and respect! Don't settle for less... YOU Deserve MORE!

with Gratitude,

Kimberly Reyes
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Monday, November 9, 2015

A Birthday Message to the MOST Influential Introvert in my life :-)

Happy Birthday 
to my
Mentor & Business Colleague

Dearest Patricia,

You are the best kept secret on the planet and as much as I would love to keep you all to myself, your brilliance has got to be acknowledged….

My business would not be where it’s at without you. Your gift with words, concepts… your ability to research baffles me. You are SMART! You are CREATIVE!  You are AMAZING!

You can turn one blog into a million sellable products and keep the ideas rolling with more… Titles, taglines, sexy sellable verbiage.  You’ve hung in there for years, getting me to wrap my head around creating information products, cross-marketing, sales funnels, the brilliance of a well-crafted blog… blah, blah, blah (clearly your work is not quite complete J )   … I am still missing a Podcast. I’ll catch up J

The Queen of punctuation.

I thank you for learning to bite your tongue (even while rolling your eyes), allowing me to express myself like a child that wears mismatched tights, skirt and shirt. An expression of self. Maybe a rebellion against your most beloved rules of punctuation.
I liberally distort the rules at my whim… preferring the art and appearance on the page.

You taught me how to shift my energy and build. My energy is SO BIG. You taught me to take my creativity and turn it into a tangible thing. A sellable product. At times I know it was like taming… at least calming a wild horse. You taught me to be productive, strategic, and follow-through… I take credit for some of your gray hair J

As one of the extreme introverts in my life… You taught me to sit still… you were patient and let me run wild with words and ideas for a bit. I always land. You let me be me. Thank you <3

You taught me to be even more mindful of my energy, to honor my friends where they sit, to know that your needs are not mine and mine are not yours and we love each other anyway.

You saw me clearly before I saw myself. You allowed me to be me… in all my glory  J and never tried to change me. You explained my actions, reactions and intentions. You taught me about being intuitive, kinesthetic, empathic, olfactory, multi-sensory, and visual… The combination is such a small portion of the population. I can’t, won’t and will never be like anyone else and that it is okay to cry… More importantly, that it was important to you to make sure that others let me cry & be me. <3

You’ve been a cheerleader, truth teller L, and steadfast support.
You taught me about consistency, friendship, trust, reliability… 
A friend that would protect me to the death and would not leave when things got tough.  

To the woman that tells me to never dim my light, to protect my boundaries and vibrate at the highest frequency possible and when I’m not grounded or feeling depressed to go sailing or … 
I may have just gone too far…

I am blessed to have you in my life.
I love and appreciate you.

You are a beautiful soul.

Happy, Happy Birthday to you,

with love and gratitude,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lesson Learned from a Grounded Master Manifestor

Yes. ‪#‎Truth‬. I am....
 A grounded intuitive AND grounded manifestor 
smile emoticon
 No Woo... No Rainbows, Lollipops or Unicorns. I adore those posts. It's just not who I am or how I talk... 

Over the years I have talked a lot about 
manifesting, energy, flow and meditating....

A bit ago I was at a point of transition and trying to decide which direction that my heart wanted to go... I kept meditating and asking the questions. I have really dialed in on the ability to meditate and make a habit to do it regularly.

Part of manifesting is being in a peaceful flow... meditation in some form , asking the questions and then sitting in a stillness to hear the answers...

That morning as I meditated and once again asked the questions to validate my intention and the direction to go....

I asked my question and heard the voice answer back.... "STOP F****** meditating and get up and take action." Yup... my voice cussed at me (that will most likely not be the case for you). I smiled to myself, laughed and just kind of said... OK. Got it.

Overthinking anything is a barrier that restricts the flow of energy, creativity and keeps us from taking action. I had clearly been spending too much time idle. I was making that energy, that wanted to be released and flow... stick and stay in place too long. I needed a bit of a kick in the pants. 
smile emoticon I Got up and created an enormous amount of content for my business!

You can build, meditate and manifest till the cows come home.. Unless you get up and take action... NOTHING will happen. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we already know 
smile emoticon

I have had people asking me about 
manifesting and telling me to teach what I know....

Kimberly Reyes
Transformational Leader, Clarity & Growth Mentor, TV Host, Author & Speaker

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Feeds Your Soul? An exercise in finding JOY

How do you feed your soul
Make your heart happy? 
So much talk about self-care, 
yet I am finding that my clients still need reminding 

Find what makes your heart sing, body emanate positive energy and allow yourself to feel the joy in your body. 

Try not to just focus on your body when you feel pain. 
FEEL the pleasure. 
Feel the JOY. 

Feel more than sexuality. Feel that vital sensation too! This is often the place where people start and stay focused. Sensuality is so much more than sexual and when we just focus on sex... guilt comes into play. Let's be healthy in our minds, body and spirit. 
360 degree development toward Joy & balance.

Just feel and focus on You. 
You are worth it today and always.

You see me posting constantly on social media the things that bring me true Joy. My list is varied and yours can be too!
Every time I sit in moments of joy and pleasure, I acknowledge how it feels and express gratitude
Every time... 

What brings me joy? 
Sailing, being on the water, art that moves me, the sun on my skin, bubble baths, laughing, spa services, watching dogs at the beach, smiling babies, travel, people, cities, pushing boundaries, exercise, deep connections, seeing the city in the distance as I cross the Bay Bridge, random acts of kindness, wine tasting, feeding my senses feeds my soul....

What brings you joy?
Do you allow yourself to Feel it even if you think it's frivolous? Do you celebrate or discount your pleasure?
Are you able to sit in Joy?
Do you feel worthy? We all feel deep emotional pain. We too can feel deep Joy.  Everyone can feel more Joy.

Let's start you moving toward Joy!

First: Give yourself permission to feed your soul. It is NOT selfish. When you feed & nourish yourself, you gain strength to give to others.
Second: Pay attention to your body daily. Make note of what makes your heart sing...
Third: I invite you to journal. Write down what brings you joy & the feelings that you experience.
Forth: Make a mental note to express Gratitude when you feel JOY or Pleasure. Every time. We attract what we focus on.
Fifth: Seek that out more often.
Sixth: Repeat 1-5
Seventh: Keep expanding! Add to your list! Don't limit yourself. Allow yourself to experience life and keep doing what makes you feel JOY!

I work on this with my clients on a daily basis. 
I invite you to indulge and step into Joy

Here is just one idea: Try a museum membership. It allows you to stop in for a short period and enjoy incredible works of art without going for one visit and feeling like you have to spend hours drudging around a museum to get your money's worth. :-) Baby steps... As an avid gallery goer and member for almost 20 years - I visit in short stints: 20-60 minutes at a time unless I am seeing a traveling exhibit. Give it a try... You may LOVE it!


Life is Messy and things that are out of our control happen... 
Once You learn how to build a solid base & experience 
You can always find your way back to center. 

I cordially invite you to Sign up for my blog 
& join me for the next few blog series that are starting in May. 

Kimberly Reyes

Transformational Leader, Clarity & Growth Mentor, Author & Speaker

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