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Blog Savvy4Less: Discount Days by Design

It's a good time of year to save! What you should know?

Here's a couple of quick tips to get 

Don't lose out! Retailers don't carry as much merchandise as they used to.

What does this mean to you? Know when you should buy your merchandise. Some items are more expensive to make and stock is less plentiful. Jeans for instance, are something that you should buy when you see it in the late summer, early fall. Limited amounts on sizes and styles are available and they will sell out.

If you see shoes or clothing that you like in JCPenney, Kohl's and sometimes Macy's... You should buy it. Chances are good that they will not get any more merchandise delivered  These 3 specific retailers are no longer consistent about offering all merchandise through their website either. There is always a sale, coupon or both available. If you really like an item, don't wait for a better price.

On the other hand... Target and Walmart function differently.

MY ALL Time Favorite Retailer is Target! Here is where you can wait for another mark-down. They have so many retail stores, that even if you miss the item at one location, it is sure to be down the street at another.

This is the perfect time a year to save. Target has a line of merchandise that is for college students and back to school. Target will have tons of left overs and will clearance most items for far less than even their sale prices. 

Look for circular red clearance signs on shelving or long red signs for clothes. Clothes 30% off signs show to the aisle and 75% or more to the wall. You need to wander in to get the good deals. All other departments will have items on end caps: which are the shelving at the end of aisles that face the back walls. Target has them in every department. When there is a lot of clearance merchandise in one department, like after school starts, they will devote an entire aisle to clearance. Look for red signs.

When you sign up for Target's Redcard debit card you receive and additional 5% off of your total purchase.

At Target, when the price ends in 4, it is the final markdown. If the item doesn't sell, it is sent to Goodwill or a salvage company. I have seen brand new bicycles and household goods at Goodwill with Target price tags still on, selling for pennies on the dollar. You can find out which Goodwill most of the Target merchandise goes to in your city by asking the workers in the Goodwill stores. If they get a lot of Target merchandise, they will tell you.
Here is their unofficial clearance schedule:

Typically items are first marked down at 15% off. After two to three weeks, the items will go 30% off. Then 50%, finally 75%. It is generally two weeks between markdowns but that varies. For seasonal items (Christmas, Valentines, Halloween) the markdown is much faster and can vary from store to store. Merchandise returned to the store that was purchased from the internet usually hits the floor at 65%-75% off and ticketing price will usually end in a 7.

A lot of people will purchase items off a clearance rack at 30% off, just because it says clearance. The fact is that Target's sale price is usually 25%-30% off anyway and it isn't really a "clearance" price. 

Target also rotates their regular sale schedule by product and department. An item is bound to go on sale if you wait a week or two.
My local Target pushes a lot of merchandise through. Here is their typical schedule  All stores have a team just for marking down merchandise and schedules may vary slightly.
  • 50 % off the day after a holiday for 3 days
  • 75% off on the 4th day for 3 days
  • 90% off on the 7th day for 1-2 days (if it get's marked down this far)

Electronics will very rarely sell for less than 50% off...

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog GPS: Designing the Love I Want

Before I left my marriage of fourteen years, I fully analysed and contemplated what I wanted my life and relationships to look like. I made a list of everything that I wanted in a man and what I wanted my life together with that man to look like. I compared that list to my husband, and what I found out was that the two men were not the same person. However, I am not a quitter and I made a commitment. I never want to set anyone up to fail. I basically gave him five years notice, that I wasn't happy and laid out what I needed in the relationship to be happy.

I needed an emotionally intimate relationship: Period.... I would not settle for less. He agreed to go to counseling, but in the end could not grasp what emotional intimacy meant. I knew that he loved me. I knew that he was faithful. I was grateful for those factors... But, I needed something more fulfilling. It was excruciatingly hard. I left my marriage.

Once I left my husband, the next four months turned out to be the nightmare that can't be imagined - much less explained. It has been said that you should never have more than any one major life changing event every six years... Mine all happened in less than six months: I got divorced, lost my home, got fired from my job, moved cities and lost both grandparents within months of each other... Not to mention the friends and family that I lost when I left my husband AND the majorly pissed off teenager that I had living with me....

So... the journey begins... that was almost four years ago... It has been four years of dating and trying to hold true to the expectations about finding that emotionally intimate relationship that I so longed for during my marriage; not settling for less, just to keep from being lonely. There is no other pain like true loneliness and I understand why people give into it. Sitting in that space is physically painful. I was also keeping up the Journey and working on myself along the way. What makes me tick and what was keeping me from the connection that I wanted???

 Which brings me to the present...

Today I am sitting staring at the unconditional love that I have been seeking. I set out to find the love that I wanted and I refused to settle for less...

The person that I am dating is the second person that I dated after my separation from my husband. Bob and I have dated off and on... mostly off.. for the last 3 1/2 years. We have stayed in contact as friends. Tried several times to get back together, but it just wasn't quite what I  wanted or needed.  I refused to settle for less.

I never told Bob exactly what I wanted or needed. I didn't want anyone to fabricate something just to catch me. There is no way to keep that up. It has to be natural.

You need to understand Bob to get a clear picture. He is a strong, successful business man. He has always treated me like a lady. He made me feel special. I always knew that he cared deeply for me. He has a huge heart. The man has raised two amazing children alone from the ages of 10 and 12. He has been a leader in his community and church. He is there for his friends and family: reliable and caring, an amazing and documented mentor. The problem is that he never showed me his soft side: always protector and strong advocate... never vulnerable or deeply intimate. Masculine to his core. I was attracted to the over all package, but I knew I needed more.

It takes a strong man to stand beside me. It would take an even stronger man to show me his underbelly... That takes incredible courage. Those who know me know that I can lead or follow... I cannot be told what to do... or follow all of the time. I prefer a partnership... That too was hard for such a strong leader. The strength that he was attracted to, was also an issue for us. I refused to change me...

In April, Bob asked to meet for dinner and I did. He asked me to get back together and I told him that we weren't together for very specific reasons. I gently laid out the reasons and although I cared about him, that was not the life that I wanted. As I watched him, I saw the light go on. He got it. He totally got it. It was a complete shift in energy and appearance. I knew that he got it. He apologized immensely for not getting it before now and after a bit more time we hugged and parted.

Two weeks later Bob asked to see me. Reluctantly I agreed...

The gift that has been handed to me...

Bob showed up with his heart in his hands. He not only showed up completely vulnerable... he stood in what must have been the most uncomfortable position, offering his heart to me, because I was not in the space to just let him in. He stood in that space completely exposed and did not retreat. He told me that he loved me from day one and wanted to be with me. "You have always been the one that got away", he said.  He was completely in and wanted to be with me. He swallowed his pride and just waited for me to meet him
half way. He has gifted me on a daily basis with complete unconditional love. The depth of his love and commitment is amazing to see and feel. He has exposed his soft underbelly in a big way. It takes the strongest of men to stand in that space for a woman. He is the only man that has ever offered that to me. He trusted and continues to trust me with his heart, secrets and deepest desires. He does not want to change me. He loves me just as I am...

Many have inquired about who I am dating. I wanted to wait for a bit to share. I don't know what the future holds... I will share more of my thoughts and experiences along my Journey...

I held true to self and am proud of that. I had certain expectations. I am proud of that. I don't expect perfection, but I know what I need to feed my heart and soul. I am proud of that. I do believe that we set the tone for our long term relationships by accepting certain behaviors in the beginning. I also believe that once those are cemented and reinforced that it is almost impossible to change. I never wanted to change anyone. I just wanted the relationship that showed up to be right as it was. Everything takes work. I don't mean it like that... Some things are just deal breakers. A certain level of emotional intimacy was my deal breaker.

Bob came back and handed me one of the biggest gifts of my life... true emotional intimacy.

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I have decided to add an additional page to my blog for those of you that may want to catch up on my journey. Relationship and self have been the biggest facets by far. Earlier posts were requested and I wasn't sure how to add them to my blog without confusion and mixing up my rhythm. I am converting those posts and will have them up this weekend at the latest... in a separate tab on my blog site.

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Blog Design: 5 Design Tips Designers Don't Tell You

As a Designer, Hostess and Connection Specialist
I want you to move into and through a space feeling comfortable and welcome. I want you to feel like you get a warm hug when you enter and sit in your space without knowing the mechanics behind it: the how and why. It should just be. There are so many tips and techniques that go into making that a reality.

All examples of what to do and not to do are based on the above photo

I am going to give you a few tips that I share with my client's during consultations. 
I often work with DIY'ers... These tips will help you get a finished look that your friends will think you paid a designer to create. 

  1. We never see our own environment like an outsiders does. We cannot view our personal space objectively. It is familiar and we become desensitized. I recommend taking a before photo... doing the work we think necessary... and then taking a picture again. The above is an after photo. If this was your space, would you think it was finished? Photos don't lie.
  2. When you walk into a space your eye should be able to move all the way around the room without landing on any one area. Nothing should stick out so much that it catches your attention. Each area should stand alone. That is what makes you feel comfortable. Design or decorate your space. Do the scanning technique... and then add the focal point or splash of color. In contrast to the first room, the photograph to the right has a very cohesive background and then splashes of color were added. That is why it works and feels welcoming. The second room has a Similar Style/loft concept as the first space... But, this one works well.... If you were to walk into this room, your eye would flow all the way around the space and gently land on the chairs. That is how a focal point should function. 
  3. There is an art to combining textures, materials and patterns.
     It's good to know the rules before you break them... When there is a prominent architectural element in a space you need to decide if you want to accentuate or disguise it. It is not possible to ignore the feature. Both of the first two rooms have brick as a major architectural feature. The brick was handled differently in each design. It was ignored instead of embraced in the first room. There is an easy fix to make this space feel good. Always think of your floor as a fifth wall. If you want to keep the brick as is... Embrace the depth and warmth and bring that element into the space. The absolutely easiest fix would be to add a warm heavily textured area rug similar to the one pictured on the right, instead of the patterned one that was used. That would automatically make the room more comforting, instead of making the wall feel overwhelming.  In the second picture they used a painting technique to tone down the brick. They didn't hide it... they made it flow. You can add layer, after layer, after layer in a more monochromatic environment. They chose to use the texture as part of the background instead of as a focal point. Notice how the wood element from the front door is pulled into the chairs... It brings the material across the space and creates a flowing, transitional focal point.. Below is another example of how a heavily textured rug in a similar tone/depth as the brick wall grounds the space and makes it work. Can you visualize what the room would like like below without the rug? Probably similar to the first room pictured.

  4. Pay close attention to the base structure of all of your pieces of furniture: legs, solid to the floor, airy or open. The first space has too many legs that are the same shape and height. It creates a busy, chaotic feel. This could be solved by replacing the table with a more solid design. Here are some alternatives that would work. It all depends on the taste of the client.

  1. These three styles would work and add an additional element: mixed materials and texture..

     These styles work because they 
    have a more solid appearance and have a horizontal line
    that mimics the lines on the bookshelves against the wall.

    5. Decorating is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people love to get into design. It's a hobby and they thrive in that role. Don't beat yourself up if you can't visualize it. It's kind of like the frustration of when you are on vacation and you get horribly lost and that experience takes some of the joy out of the trip. Not everyone is built the same. I am super visual and can see a space complete when I walk into a room. In the same vein... I never get lost. That is the way that I am built. So, many of my clients are engineers and think more linear. That's okay. Don't beat yourself up. It takes away some of the joy and warm feeling that you should have in your space. It's okay to ask for help or hire someone to do it for you. Let someone else take the stress out of making your home/business perfect, so that you can just fully enjoy it without having any frustrated emotions or negative feelings attached to the space/experience. It makes a difference. It's okay... don' be so hard on yourself.

    Kimberly R Lifestyle by Design 
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Blog Journey: Invitation to Join My Journey

I invite you to join me on my journey. Part of that journey is finding out what makes our hearts sing and bring joy into our lives. This is an essential part of the community that I have designed. It's all about the experience: events that are one step above - Spontaneous Connections. We will wander out into the world together to try new activities and thoroughly enjoy tried and true ones side by side. However, I will always infuse what I love and make it special for everyone involved. Life should be special. It should be celebrated; always a special event. We should value each other and particularly learn about loving ourselves...

There is a dramatic difference between self-love, self-confidence and valuing self. That will be part of my journey. I am strong in some of those areas and working on others. We can assist each other with support and encouragement in all arenas, as long as we are open and vulnerable in a safe environment.

The core essence of these blogs is to lead by example. When I committed to this vision and journey about ten years ago I vowed to be open, honest and vulnerable. The first five years were all about deep work on self and adjusting my personal space and environment to match my vision and to shift my personal paradigms so that I could embark on my journey. The last five to six years have been a slow journey to a more public forum. The last two have been completely public.

Public vulnerability has never been easy. I am still struggling with vulnerability in private as well. That is a big mountain to climb. I am determined though... I am steadily standing in that space and will share my fears and struggles along the way. I don't wave my deepest fears and emotions like a flag for everyone to see for my own pleasure. It started when people, specifically women would tell me that I was so strong and they never thought that I had problems, issues or struggles... That is the farthest from the truth. I am showing where I am from, where I have been and the journey/future that I have designed for myself. I show what's inside and am learning to ask for help and admit my weaknesses. That is a strength all in itself. My hope is that women will see that we all have internal struggles and be able to share as well. No matter who you think has it all together, please know that there is always more happening than you know. Many times it is the people that you think are the strongest that are struggling the most. Just because we smile on the outside, it doesn't mean that we are happy all of the time.

The truth is that I know that I am on a path of success: success in love, business and life. I also know that I could not have embarked on this journey of accomplishment without learning to ask for help, showing my flaws to the world and accepting the love and kindness of others. Thank you for allowing me to follow this path in such a public format. It has been a gift to me and I hope that you will join me and allow the gifts to be given back to you...

Kimberly R Lifestyle by Design 
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blog Connect: Incorporate Touch Into Your Lifestyle

There is nothing like the touch of another living being. Human touch is 
essential for our mental and emotional health.

We all need touch. 
I am such a huger. I swear that I try to consider people's personal space and I realize that not everyone is comfortable being hugged. I wonder though... does that mean that they don't like it or that it isn't good for them... Hmmmm... I am not sure about this one. Just because something is uncomfortable, it doesn't mean that we don't like it?

 I was going to so many social and networking events that I was just hugging everyone. I didn't realize this until I was giving a pretty important presentation to a client. She was a very proper, traditional, grandmotherly Indian woman. Obviously professional and staid. I made this fabulous presentation. I knew that it was a hit and that she loved it. As we got up to part, instead of shaking her hand like a professional would do... I hugged her. I let go, smiled and turned to leave. As I did, I was rolling my eyes at myself, banging my forehead with my hand in my minds eye, and flogging myself for what I had just done.... It was at that point that I realized I had been hugging a lot of people and that I needed to reign it in a bit... There is obviously a time and place for everything. I laugh at myself more often than not... However, I did get that project and she definitely has a fondness for me; no more hugging though.

I wasn't raised to be a huger. I know the exact moment in my life when I realized the importance of touch. My ex-husband was a submariner in the Navy. He would go away for six months at a time and would often be gone even when he was not out to sea. So, I spent a great deal of time alone during our marriage. I have always been very social, but the connections were different. We moved a lot and I did not have the opportunity to create deep bonds at that time. I lived my life differently then too. The responsibility for the quality of those relationships was mine alone. It's a part of the journey.

Every time my husband was away I would do my thing. I would design something or change something in our home. I was always remodeling and updating. It became a big joke between the two of us. He said that he didn't mind if I changed things... that he just wanted to recognize his home when he returned. 

During one of his deployments, I was remodeling one of our bathrooms. Yes, I did all of the labor myself too. I had already demolished everything, laid the new tile, painted, put in the sink, vanity and lighting... All that was left was to install the new porcelain toilet. Porcelain is Very sharp. Toilets are cumbersome. I knew this. I was tilting the heavy toilet to get it into place and my hand slipped. I dropped the toilet and it broke; leaving a pretty nasty gash in my hand. I bandaged myself up and left the project for a few days.

Once it was healed a little, I took a trip to Home Depot to pick up a toilet. I was in the plumbing department and a worker came up to me. He asked if I needed help and I told him that I was looking for a toilet. He asked if I knew how to set a toilet and I started in on my story and turned my hand over to show him my wound. He looked at me wide eyed and grabbed by hand. At the moment he touched me, I realized that I had not been touched by another human being for months. I stood there astounded at the physical reaction that I had, just by the mere touch of another person. It wasn't sexual. I wasn't attracted to him. It was a warm, all over feeling that was comforting and strangely enough, confirming my existence. Honestly he was lecturing me about the danger of porcelain and how severely injured I could have been... but, all I know was the impact that he had and the feeling that I had when he touched me. 

That is the moment in time when I became a huger. I realized the impact that being touched, after not having physical human contact for a long period time had on me and I started to recognize it in others too. Hugging is more welcoming and open. A true embrace is a vulnerable place; an invitation into your personal space. It has become my nature. I have been a huger ever since.

My friends tell me about not dating for a while and the void regarding intimacy. Not sex. Connection and Connecting. When you hug a friend - linger. Make the hug last just a little longer. It makes a difference. People that operate cash registers talk about how people avoid touching them when they collect money... think twice. What about people with disabilities or maybe someone that just isn't as "pretty" as everyone else? Do people make eye contact or touch them? It's all part of the human experience and you can make a monumental difference in someone else's life... and it will not cost you a penny.

I know that I am more tactile that most. There are different levels of touch and connection. Learning to respect someone's boundaries is important. You have to be comfortable giving, for the receiver to feel comfortable. When it's authentic, it is well received, even by people that are not naturally hugers. Just like everything else. It takes practice. Part of building rapport and learning to make connections with other people socially, and as an extension in business is important. Consider developing this skill. It can be helpful in many areas of life. It's not just a gift to you. It could be a gift to others too.

Here is a link to a lovely story that was
featured on my favorite television show, 
It's about a man that was a Real Estate Investor by trade. But, he has spent his spare time for the last 25 years cutting the hair of homeless people. It's not just a haircut. 
He massages them, touches them and treats them like a valued human being. It's all about the touch. 
I encourage you to read it and think about the people that you see throughout the day. 

Human touch is a beautiful thing... Hug someone today

I would LOVE to hear your stories too!
That is all part of the journey.

Kimberly R Lifestyle by Design 
Designing a life with grace and ease 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blog Savvy4Less: Coffe Club 4 My Lifestyle

One of my ALL time Favorite Saving Tips
is shopping at

Here's why:
  • They have a loyalty rewards program just like most retailers: World Market Explorer... But, theirs is far superior.
  • The regular price for most of their coffee is $9.99. For Example: 24-oz. World Market® Moka Java Blend Coffee  . That is only $.42 per ounce. Costco charges $.46 - $.60 for their coffee and the lower end price is when they offer a coupon.
  • Remember that is full price - now see below for ways to save even more...
  • When you buy 6 bags of coffee the 7th is free.
  • You get double credit when you buy coffee on Wednesdays. Buy one - get credit for two. Which really means = buy 3 bags and the 4th is free if you shop on Wednesdays.
  • They give you a coupon for $10 off of a $30 purchase at least quarterly.
  • They give you a $10 off of a $30 purchase when you sign up for the program.
  • They send you a $10 coupon for your birthday.
  • There are constant coupons for 15%-20% off.
  • You can combine the coffee purchase credits, the $ off coupons and the % off coupons.
  • They are almost paying me to drink coffee at this point and it's great coffee!

There are many other benefits to this loyalty program. This is just my favorite! Watch for future blog posts where I will show you how to layer your discounts and save even more with Cost Plus World Market combined with an online loyalty club... The savings and rewards can be astounding!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog GPS: Designing My Most Important Relationship

Getting back to me... Thinking about which relationship post to start my new blog with, I decided to start with the most important relationship in my life: Me. I am getting back to me. This journey has rarely been a straight path to my end goal. I am always moving forward... but, sometimes I stay on one path longer than I should or veer in a direction that is just a distraction that takes me away from my true calling. Lessons learned, all along the way regardless of where I find myself. I can always find a positive and a lesson to take away from my experiences; even the painful ones.

When there is transition or a shift in energy I sit in silence and look within. The depth of my introspection even surprises me sometimes. As someone that lives so much in the moment... meditation and looking within are intentional. I have to change my hat to live in that space. It has become more natural and second nature over time... it is not instinctual.

Over the last four years you have followed my path to being vulnerable and authentic. There has been four years of pain, loneliness, joy, fun, fulfillment and despair. Boy it was painful to identify that I was feeling despair... You have followed along with my online dating, going out and about, socializing... Finding love and losing it... Sitting in silence and intentional alone time. A sabbatical from dating... Engaging again. Loving and appreciating my friends... Dealing with family issues. Finding me. Figuring out my path and staying on my journey.

My goal continues to be finding a deep intimate loving relationship, deepening my meaningful friendships, following my passions (all of them) and sharing my gifts with others. I am committed to focusing on joy and keeping it in my life.  I refuse to settle for less.

I am ready to have another 
setting intentions and  manifestation party. 
They are so powerful... not to mention a really good time. 

Today know that I am reassessing me.  I am making sure that I am headed in the right direction. I am in a relationship and will share all about how I got there. I decided to do a little back fill since this is a new blog and get people a little caught up with my life-path over the last four years. There will be a few posts stacked so that people can read them or not. You may just skip to now. Options are beautiful.

So, today's post really crosses over to many of my lifestyle paths: Journey Within, Connect Now and Relationship GPS because I am all a part of this journey and it all starts with my relationship with myself.

Kimberly R Lifestyle by Design 
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Blog Design: More Than Just A Chair...


Have you ever sat in a chair that just evoked childhood memories, made you feel warm and comfy like you were being embraced in a big hug- Material that caressed the skin, a shape that molds to your body and supports you in all the right ways- OR just to gaze and admire something that is balanced perfectly, pleases the eye and makes you feel at ease...???
Let's just get it out of the way right off the bat.... I LOVE Chairs. Geeky? Maybe... But, part of the whole journey is to find what brings you pleasure and just embrace it! I love art and ALL things designed well. Chairs are pieces of art and if a great design, form and function come together in a compact form that lends itself to appeal to all of the senses.

My Favorite Chair.....
When I saw a knock off of my favorite chair... I had such mixed emotions. On one hand, all good things are emulated, copied or knocked off in one way or another. Some say it's a form of flattery. On the other hand, even though I enjoy a bargain... Some things deserve to be paid for at full price. I did have a slight flair of indignancy when I saw the copy that was a lesser version of the Cherner Chair. Although I have never owned this chair, it is an amazing piece of art. I can see using a grouping of them and hanging them on a wall... in the right space. Ahhhh....

What I really want you to know is that when you see a chair, that it's style and design stands alone. Like a couture dress that you might find on the runways in Paris or on the pages of Vogue Magazine - the dress's grandiose design, that is more creativity than functional wear... sets the lines, color and style for an entire product line of ready to wear and off the rack pieces of clothing. As soon as it debuts on the runway or on some star prancing down the red carpet, it is being knocked off, recreated and emulated in workrooms around the world. The same holds true for furniture and other types of design.

Chairs go through a similar metamorphosis. It starts as a concept and evolves over time. The really good designs or design elements have longevity and make up even the simplest seat that you use everyday. As far
back as can be documented, chairs were created for style and status... something to be visually pleasing. Egyptian nobility had chairs to show status and provide them comfort that the commoners could not afford. This elaborate chair could fold and be portable... just like our current beach chairs.

Napoleon designed spaces and furniture for Josephine. He was instrumental in the design of furniture during his time and those styles have endured. Napoleon borrowed styles and accents from different cultures and eras to make pieces that were uniquely his and that he could bestow to his precious Josephine. The swan was what Josephine chose as her personal emblem and it embellished her furniture, just as the bee adorned Napoleons. This is a photo of a current chair reminiscent of the originals that Napoleon had cabinet makers create for Josephine's dressing room.

The thought, care and creativity that goes into each chair is often as involved as a creating a building. A chair: a compact culmination of art and design. It may have originally been thought up by a modern architect with famous designs on his resume. In researching this post I ran across more than 120 architects that had designed at least one famous piece of furniture.

Here are just a few examples of modern architects that created chairs...

 Alvar aalto was a famous modern architect who created the chair on the left in 1930. You may recognize the chair on the right sold today in Ikea.

The most famous architect on my list is Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed within the Craftsman style and created furniture, glassware, silverware and just about everything else that filled his famous homes. His furniture has stood the test of time and is still sold in many reincarnations. His foundation has done the best job of keeping the original design integrity intact. Current furniture manufacturers carry Frank Lloyd Wrights original designs. They are   licensed and controlled carefully. These designs are from the 1940's

Eero Saarinen designed the Saint Louise Gateway Arch shown on the left. He is also a huge part of the the Modernism furniture and design Movement that was lead by Knolls and Eames. He contributed the Tulip Chair and Table. They are still in production today.  This style is used constantly even though it was created in the 1950's. The table was featured in one of my posts July 17th Kimberly R. Lifestyle by Design

...back to my favorite chair...

Fun Fact and Introduction of an American Designer
As I've stated... Many monumental designers in history designed in more than one arena. You will find a good designer will have been an architect, furniture designer, fabric designer, often painter, artist, author and more.

When you see a chair... It is rarely just a chair. It has a history!

My favorite chair's popularity soared when it appeared in Norman Rockwell’s 1961 painting “The Artist at Work” on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Just FYI... I did not know that when I fell in love with this chair.

Norman Cherner      

USA (1920-1987) A pioneer both in molded plywood and prefab housing, Norman Cherner studied and taught at the Columbia University Fine Arts Department and was an instructor at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from 1947 to 1949.

For almost 20 years, Cherner's seating was rarely seen outside of galleries, museums and the living rooms of few lucky collectors. This all changed in 1999, when Cherner's sons Benjamin and Thomas formed the Cherner Chair Company to revive the designs and produce them as their father originally intended.

This chair is being sold today. However, it has influenced many styles since it's inception. 

Even modest chairs have Grand beginnings.

All of these original chair designs were ground breaking, fabulous, artistic creations... . They were not always as comfortable as they were visually appealing. But, the form and style were the masterpiece and others have gone above and beyond to bring those designs into a functional and comfortable existence. Many introduced new manufacturing techniques, while others set the stage for the lines and curves that would be varied generation after generation.

I LOVE chairs!

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