Thursday, March 13, 2014

Confessions of a recovering ME into a We.....Social Media

Hopefully, this series is an eye opener. It is delivered from a place of love. I too was a ME for years... Until I learned to be a WE. It's been a Journey.... 
Life is More Beautiful as a WE.

When we know better... We can do better....

Kimberly Reyes Lifestyle by Design is ALL about making more meaningful connections Online and Offlline. You can shift any paradigm if you are able to see and want to change! ANY!!!


Facebook... Linkedin... Yelp... Klout... Google+... Pinterest... and.... MORE!!!

What you do online affects the way that people see and connect with you. 
Many people have no idea how they appear online... 

Are you a ME... ME... ME online? Do you take your ME message and post it on your page and every other group page that you can find to post on... over and over?

Etiquette and and eye opener: Not Good... You are running into the same people in many groups. You are seen as a ME and it is not serving you. 
Your message is watered down and people get desensitized. 

Truth is that people touch base because you either have a message, thematic posts (beautiful images, inspirational quotes, great articles) OR they are following you personally. If you are like me, people follow my story and personal journey. There is a lot of me and I involved in telling that story.  But, there are ways to involve others and acknowledge the people that influence you... and your journey. 

It is possible to turn a ME page into a WE space. 

  1. Be strategic with your business posts... don't post all at one time... post at different times of day (particularly if it is exactly the same).
  2. Post things that ask others to respond, reply or share. OR ALL 3!
  3. Edify! Thank people publicly. You may want to ask first. Not everyone wants their name used. However, it is a common business networking practice to thank, acknowledge and edify the person that has given you their time and attention. You are not bragging, boasting or name dropping when you post about a wonderful encounter you have had... You are honoring the person that has gifted you with their time.
  4. Acknowledge who the source is when you share a pic or post. Many people spend A LOT of time finding sources and post worthy material. It is encouraged to share. Be gracious and share when you know who it is from. 

Are you positive or are you an Eeyore online

How are you building your following? Do you end up having a page of bitchers and moaners? 


Do you send out and receive Positive energy and build followers that are cheerleaders for you and your brand?

FACEBOOK EMOTIONS ARE CONTAGIOUS: Feelings shared on Facebook – via negative or positive posts or status updates – are contagious among online friends, according to a new University of California study. The good news is that according to the research, positive Facebook posts are more influential than negative ones, spreading the cheer among others. Thank you Illythia Lichau for sharing :-)

When we know better... We can do better....

Let's all do our BEST! It's not fun to be a Lone Wolf! It's exhausting and You're not as Productive  as you can be! If you want to learn more, I talk about going from ME to WE in this popular teleseminar! March SOLD OUT!

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Kimberly Reyes
Lifestyle Curator, Master Networker, Author & Speaker

Kimberly Reyes Lifestyle by DesignDesigning a life with grace and ease 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Confessions of a recovering ME into a We.....Master Manifestor

When I talk about being a WE instead of a ME... It's a Lifestyle and Mindset. It is woven through out your life and encompasses how you move through the world. It really should be part of who you are and not a superficial action. Manifesting is fueled by this way of thinking, living and interaction.

Manifesting is all about energy:  thoughts, actions, intentions, balance and more - all flowing together.

Who Is Interested in Learning More? I have been asked to do another workshop on manifesting... or a series of 1 Day workshops. Truly learning to shift your paradigms and manifest your destiny. Yes. I do it differently. Yes. I teach it differently. Yes. That is why people keep asking me to teach it. I am a Master Manifestor with years of proven success. Just like everything else I teach.... There are building blocks - simple tools and techniques that you can implement into your life. I break it down, make it manageable and easy to learn. I don't present this huge mystic concept. It is simplified for success....

Once you make manifesting a part of your life it works on it's own. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Careful what you wish for?" I know that my thoughts and words affect the outcomes in my life. I am mindful of what I say and think. There are times that I have put things in motion that feels like a freight train moving forward and that I have to be able to truly show up to be able to handle it... That train is moving ahead with or without me. I have made it so. You can make it So as well! What ever your heart desires... When you set your intentions into motion, big things will happen. Will you be able to truly show up and receive what you have asked for? That is part of the cycle. Make it happen and then follow through.

As long as you are living a balanced life and you're energy is flowing... manifesting flows through your life effortlessly... If you are in crisis... it can still work for you... it just takes more energy and effort on your part to get it flowing....

If something is in my conscious mind - it will manifest into my life in one way or another. I don't try to control it... I just acknowledge it when it appears and I am grateful. Those around me don't question it anymore. Sometimes they say it's freaky, sometimes they think it's cool. BUT, it is evident and consistent.


In my design business I have a Yelp page. I have had it up for about... 4 years or more... I have never had one call for work as a referral from Yelp. It was not my intention. I just filled it out for a landing page and to cover all of my bases online.

One day after working with a client, I identified the need for her to have more reviews on her yelp page so that she could get more calls and clients. That is where a good number of her leads were coming from. We needed to up the anti... so to speak. I went online to all of my social media sites and asked people to leave her positive feedback on her Yelp page so that she could get more business. I never thought about myself and I never asked for anything for myself. It was not in my conscious at all... I do not operate that way.

Within 24 hours I had 3 solid Yelp calls, leads and appointments. 2 paid cash for my consultations. One was to bid on a large commercial project...

It get's better. The first client was lovely. Paid me and told me that I was worth every penny. Who doesn't want clients like that?

I was consulting on a remodel that the client was going to flip. She continued to ask me to consult on her personal home. "What other types of services do you offer? She started to explain how she had just had plans created by an architect and that she didn't feel comfortable with the design and she wasn't sure what to do.... FUNNY... I had just told my business coach Blaze Lazarony

 the week before that I had this service that I offered to clients that I wanted to start promoting. I do it all of the time, but have never advertised that I offer it: I take plans that have been created by an architect and I critique and correct the design. Very often architects are great at 2D drawings but the designs are not livable once built.  I can see the design on paper and see it spatially 3D in my head. I have the ability to describe that to my client. Walk them through the space and tell them what needs to be fixed... Play devil's advocate and then the architect can fix it on their end. This can save clients tens of thousands of dollars. It is fixed before the building starts. No mistakes, no change orders, reworks, lost time additional expenses. It's a life saver for many and I have kept a ton of homeowners from having a remodel that looks like what I call a Frankenstein house. You know them. The houses you walk into and say, "wow, this was a bad remodel..."

I spoke my desire out loud to my coach. I got the confirmation from the universe that I was headed in the right direction when my new manifested client asked me to do the service that I had just expressed in private to my coach. I asked for it... and it showed up. It happens just like a snowball picking up speed and along with desires and delivers them in a nice neat package.

This is my Life. Are You a WE or a ME? Do things come easily? Do you give and receive with grace and ease? When I changed from a ME to a WE... My life changed... You can too....

Would you like to learn how to?     Sign Up HERE.....

Kimberly Reyes
Lifestyle Curator, Master Networker, Author & Speaker

Kimberly Reyes Lifestyle by Design
Designing a life with grace and ease 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Confessions of a recovering ME into a We..... An introduction

Join me for a series of blogs really digging into this notion of Me, We, You and I... 
What is it and where do you fall?

Why does it matter?  If we shift our paradigm, what difference will it make in our lives?

ME into a We..... or as I first heard it... Me to We...

The verbiage was introduced to me during my first year in college. For decades there has been a grass roots movement going through the university to shift the paradigm of young students and have them see the global community in a new way regarding the environment, consumption, our footprint, earth, resources, human interaction and  large scale and community. Me shifts to We as in One person being part of the global conscious community with shared resources. This movement has been accelerated with the access due to the Internet, and now the global community is smaller. 

Other Topics that refer to Me and We

  • Global - See yourself as part of a larger community.
  • Romantic Relationships - love yourself before you can truly love someone else or learn not to be selfish in a relationship so that you can function as a couple.
  • Don't be a lone wolf in business - Create a team 
  • Relationships from Solo Business to expanding a Customer Base... 

Me to We Conversations cover Macro topics like 
Global Cohesiveness & Micro topics regarding Self & Inner Circle Relationships

But... I haven't found... Anything in between

Me to We... As related to community in general - the Social & Professional Networks that we have the ability to create as We move through life. Not just with people that are like us, but the beauty of creating relationships with people that are not the same...

The topic is vast and yet it spurred on a thought and a discussion with my friend, mastermind partner and inner circle confidant Joie Gharrity of 113 Branding, that turned out to be quite intimate and hit very close to home. It's part of my brand and unique to my point of view. We talk a lot about community: at home and a far. There is much talk about self and self development/improvement. I don't think that there is enough focus on our personal connections with people outside of our intimate circle. Superficial connections don't benefit us personally or professionally. If they do... it is fleeting. Where is the satisfaction and Joy? Many times we end up feeling used, empty or as if time was expended without any reward.

Why does it matter and what is the benefit of creating and developing more meaningful relationships as you move through life?

This series is an exploration of life. What it looks like when we can shift our paradigms and move into a space where we are creating community closer to home. Establishing authentic connections through social, professional and intimate relationships. Making each interaction count and creating relationships that can last a lifetime.

As humans we all want to belong and feel like a part of community. I believe that part of the process of creating MORE meaningful relationships is knowing who you are, seeing and honoring the person in front of you, accurately seeing them for who they are, and learning how to be the hostess/host of your space(TM). The hardest part is recognizing that we are focused on Me. Not in a clinically narcissistic way... But, more in a lone wolf for life kind of way. More tomorrow.....

 Creating Better Business Relationships for Introvert & Extrovert Entrepreneurs Teleseminar is the perfect place to start. Find out how to connect and make more authentic, meaningful relationships with people that you have never thought you would have collaborated with in the past. 

Discover how to identify, implement and form powerful collaborations with similar and opposite personality style partners

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Kimberly Reyes
Lifestyle Curator, Master Networker, Author & Speaker

Kimberly Reyes Lifestyle by Design
Designing a life with grace and ease