Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Feeds Your Soul? An exercise in finding JOY

How do you feed your soul
Make your heart happy? 
So much talk about self-care, 
yet I am finding that my clients still need reminding 

Find what makes your heart sing, body emanate positive energy and allow yourself to feel the joy in your body. 

Try not to just focus on your body when you feel pain. 
FEEL the pleasure. 
Feel the JOY. 

Feel more than sexuality. Feel that vital sensation too! This is often the place where people start and stay focused. Sensuality is so much more than sexual and when we just focus on sex... guilt comes into play. Let's be healthy in our minds, body and spirit. 
360 degree development toward Joy & balance.

Just feel and focus on You. 
You are worth it today and always.

You see me posting constantly on social media the things that bring me true Joy. My list is varied and yours can be too!
Every time I sit in moments of joy and pleasure, I acknowledge how it feels and express gratitude
Every time... 

What brings me joy? 
Sailing, being on the water, art that moves me, the sun on my skin, bubble baths, laughing, spa services, watching dogs at the beach, smiling babies, travel, people, cities, pushing boundaries, exercise, deep connections, seeing the city in the distance as I cross the Bay Bridge, random acts of kindness, wine tasting, feeding my senses feeds my soul....

What brings you joy?
Do you allow yourself to Feel it even if you think it's frivolous? Do you celebrate or discount your pleasure?
Are you able to sit in Joy?
Do you feel worthy? We all feel deep emotional pain. We too can feel deep Joy.  Everyone can feel more Joy.

Let's start you moving toward Joy!

First: Give yourself permission to feed your soul. It is NOT selfish. When you feed & nourish yourself, you gain strength to give to others.
Second: Pay attention to your body daily. Make note of what makes your heart sing...
Third: I invite you to journal. Write down what brings you joy & the feelings that you experience.
Forth: Make a mental note to express Gratitude when you feel JOY or Pleasure. Every time. We attract what we focus on.
Fifth: Seek that out more often.
Sixth: Repeat 1-5
Seventh: Keep expanding! Add to your list! Don't limit yourself. Allow yourself to experience life and keep doing what makes you feel JOY!

I work on this with my clients on a daily basis. 
I invite you to indulge and step into Joy

Here is just one idea: Try a museum membership. It allows you to stop in for a short period and enjoy incredible works of art without going for one visit and feeling like you have to spend hours drudging around a museum to get your money's worth. :-) Baby steps... As an avid gallery goer and member for almost 20 years - I visit in short stints: 20-60 minutes at a time unless I am seeing a traveling exhibit. Give it a try... You may LOVE it!



Life is Messy and things that are out of our control happen... 
Once You learn how to build a solid base & experience 
You can always find your way back to center. 

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