Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lesson Learned from a Grounded Master Manifestor

Yes. ‪#‎Truth‬. I am....
 A grounded intuitive AND grounded manifestor 
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 No Woo... No Rainbows, Lollipops or Unicorns. I adore those posts. It's just not who I am or how I talk... 

Over the years I have talked a lot about 
manifesting, energy, flow and meditating....

A bit ago I was at a point of transition and trying to decide which direction that my heart wanted to go... I kept meditating and asking the questions. I have really dialed in on the ability to meditate and make a habit to do it regularly.

Part of manifesting is being in a peaceful flow... meditation in some form , asking the questions and then sitting in a stillness to hear the answers...

That morning as I meditated and once again asked the questions to validate my intention and the direction to go....

I asked my question and heard the voice answer back.... "STOP F****** meditating and get up and take action." Yup... my voice cussed at me (that will most likely not be the case for you). I smiled to myself, laughed and just kind of said... OK. Got it.

Overthinking anything is a barrier that restricts the flow of energy, creativity and keeps us from taking action. I had clearly been spending too much time idle. I was making that energy, that wanted to be released and flow... stick and stay in place too long. I needed a bit of a kick in the pants. 
smile emoticon I Got up and created an enormous amount of content for my business!

You can build, meditate and manifest till the cows come home.. Unless you get up and take action... NOTHING will happen. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we already know 
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I have had people asking me about 
manifesting and telling me to teach what I know....

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