Monday, November 9, 2015

A Birthday Message to the MOST Influential Introvert in my life :-)

Happy Birthday 
to my
Mentor & Business Colleague

Dearest Patricia,

You are the best kept secret on the planet and as much as I would love to keep you all to myself, your brilliance has got to be acknowledged….

My business would not be where it’s at without you. Your gift with words, concepts… your ability to research baffles me. You are SMART! You are CREATIVE!  You are AMAZING!

You can turn one blog into a million sellable products and keep the ideas rolling with more… Titles, taglines, sexy sellable verbiage.  You’ve hung in there for years, getting me to wrap my head around creating information products, cross-marketing, sales funnels, the brilliance of a well-crafted blog… blah, blah, blah (clearly your work is not quite complete J )   … I am still missing a Podcast. I’ll catch up J

The Queen of punctuation.

I thank you for learning to bite your tongue (even while rolling your eyes), allowing me to express myself like a child that wears mismatched tights, skirt and shirt. An expression of self. Maybe a rebellion against your most beloved rules of punctuation.
I liberally distort the rules at my whim… preferring the art and appearance on the page.

You taught me how to shift my energy and build. My energy is SO BIG. You taught me to take my creativity and turn it into a tangible thing. A sellable product. At times I know it was like taming… at least calming a wild horse. You taught me to be productive, strategic, and follow-through… I take credit for some of your gray hair J

As one of the extreme introverts in my life… You taught me to sit still… you were patient and let me run wild with words and ideas for a bit. I always land. You let me be me. Thank you <3

You taught me to be even more mindful of my energy, to honor my friends where they sit, to know that your needs are not mine and mine are not yours and we love each other anyway.

You saw me clearly before I saw myself. You allowed me to be me… in all my glory  J and never tried to change me. You explained my actions, reactions and intentions. You taught me about being intuitive, kinesthetic, empathic, olfactory, multi-sensory, and visual… The combination is such a small portion of the population. I can’t, won’t and will never be like anyone else and that it is okay to cry… More importantly, that it was important to you to make sure that others let me cry & be me. <3

You’ve been a cheerleader, truth teller L, and steadfast support.
You taught me about consistency, friendship, trust, reliability… 
A friend that would protect me to the death and would not leave when things got tough.  

To the woman that tells me to never dim my light, to protect my boundaries and vibrate at the highest frequency possible and when I’m not grounded or feeling depressed to go sailing or … 
I may have just gone too far…

I am blessed to have you in my life.
I love and appreciate you.

You are a beautiful soul.

Happy, Happy Birthday to you,

with love and gratitude,


  1. What a beautiful tribute. I am humbled and overwhelmed by gratitude. From one extreme introvert to one extreme extrovert ❤️🍷 A toast to friendship, loyalty, and respect. Thank you with all my heart. Now get back to work!

  2. It was long overdue... Not that I don't tell you privately how much a appreciate you. You deserve a public post...