Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day.. Hardest Day of the Year... Still Grateful

Clarity & Growth

Creating the Life that you LOVE

Everyone knows that Mother’s Day is particularly difficult for me…. Living mindfully, making choices and deciding how my life will be has taken years of work and consciousness….
I could sit & wallow all day (I don’t judge those that do… I am just offering that there is another option when you are ready. No judgement.)
  • I have identified the things that bring me joy and feed my soul.
  • I have identified my easy No’s and easier Yes’s…..
  • I have learned and shifted without blame. I have forgiven or continue to love those that don’t love me back. I choose a soft heart.
  • I have hired people I trust to help me see the blind spots that I couldn’t see for myself and to bring me full-circle to the work that I am meant to do.
It’s not easy. But, it’s doable… You can create a life that brings you joy and fulfillment. Does it mean that you completely block out moments of sadness… No! It means that you know how to move through them and shift back to feeling joy and gratitude in the moment.
It's funny how this social media thing works... I am sharing vulnerably and honestly because REAL is important. I am finding the most damaging thing on social media is the comparisons that people are doing and it damages the ego... 
Sometimes slightly while you are unaware and sometimes dramatically.

When I post happy images sometimes people ask me if I am pretending. :-) No. I'm not. Mother's Day is one of the hardest days of the year for me. When I woke up I was sad. So sad that it was like physically moving through quicksand... 

I treated myself very gently in the morning... I took time to look out at the Golden Gate Bridge with a little quiet time… My friend and I had a leisurely morning of great conversation over coffee…

And then we sailed….
At one point he said, 
“You are glowing… What are you thinking about?”

Me: “Gratitude… 
My soul feels at peace and I am just grateful.”

Did I cry yesterday? 


Then I looked up and was surrounded by beauty. Whales jumping out of the water near the boat… or completely surrounded with porpoise that look like tiny dolphin… We choose what we focus on and It turned out to be my BEST sail on the Bay. I was supported by my love of the ocean, a wonderful friend and the Universe sent me all of my favorite sea creatures to help me shift. Manifesting? Maybe... Paradigm Shifts? Probably.... 
Gratitude? Definitely.

I feel it all. 

Shoving things down doesn’t work. 
Learning to shift does. Did I have moments of sadness? YES. 
Did I sit there all day? No…

Is it easy? No..

But... You can Choose.
You can create and enjoy a life that you LOVE!

As I sit with the speech that I am giving today on Clarity & Growth ~ Creating the Life that you LOVE~ I ponder this thing called perfectionism. It’s never perfect. There will always be life, pain, loss, and all that comes with the journey. When you learn to live in ease and flow…. Being conscious and mindful… The moments of Joy and Fulfillment outnumber the rest.

I have taught this over the years and I am so excited to take it to an even deeper level in my 3 day retreat format. Where ever you are, no matter how good your life, no matter how balanced you feel, no matter what it is... It can ALWAYS be better! Finding those nooks and crannies for improvement, the blind spots that increase JOY & FULFILLMENT... BALANCE & ALIGNMENT only makes it more beautiful.... 

There is no such thing as perfection. Life can be pretty darn amazing though! I am proud and grateful for the person that I am, the life that I have created and this amazing journey that I find myself on.... 

Life is Beautiful. <3 Grateful…… 

With Gratitude....
Kimberly Reyes

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