Thursday, June 2, 2016

How Are You Using Social Media! BIG VALUE!

[HOW ARE YOU USING SOCIAL MEDIA?] Getting people to embrace it is like pulling teeth sometimes!!!!
SOCIAL MEDIA is the easiest way to create a brand within a brand.... ( I teach this... More later! )
It's a fabulous TOOL! Here is a stat that I just looked at..... My twitter account has 200% more click throughs to my blog than any other source....
FUNNY thing is that this is NOT the industry standard.... It is not what any social media report will tell you.
TRUTH is that I don't have very many followers on TWITTER.... It is my smallest social media following. I rarely pay attention to it.... I just post my own info occasionally and share high volume like and share posts from others.... Basically, shares are something that I want to read later... I share it to my feed for my personal reference.... That is how I have managed to accumulate my small following on Twitter....
BUT... the fact is that just like ALL social media... it's exponential! I had close to 480 blog hits within a few hours of posting which came from Twitter! I only have about 600 friends... Twitter:  @Clairty_Mentor
IT'S ALL A GAME! Make it a game and it will not be like pulling teeth.... Don't take it personally or too darn serious. Watch the #'s and analytics so that you can be strategic.... Make it all work for you... BUT, don't let it be painful!
ENJOY the small AND Large victories! Social Media is a FABULOUS Tool!  Something Unexpected could just work for you!
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~with gratitude,

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