Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Join Me... On my Other Blog...

Join Me... On my Other Blog...

Kimberly Reyes Pathfinder - Clarity & Growth Mentor

There will be 3... One with a video blog element and we are working on bringing them to you all in one place.

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#‎BLOG‬- "Clarity & Growth come when we rise above the Chatter and Move through Fear" ~Kimberly Reyes ‪#‎ClarityMentor‬

Join me on this journey of discovery - mentally, physically and spiritually.


Pathfinder Series Host & Producer

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Getting Back to Me.... Putting Together My Dream Team

My Journey all begins with Me 
Being kind to Me. 

Paying attention to what I need, want and desire... Then working to lovingly make those things a reality....

Kindness begins with Me.... to Me.

It has always been easier to be kind to others.
It is a learned skill to be kind & loving to myself.

I will blog separately about my journey including video blogs... Please make sure to note that you are interested in that topic when you sign up for the Blog to the right.

I spoke at a conference recently and it was a very interactive talk. I asked the women what their lives desire was... What did they dream about... Who did they want to be.... What did they want their ideal life to look like?

To my sadness... The room was silent and there were blank looks. On further examination--- those women were treading through life surviving. They were not thriving. They did not even allow themselves to dream...

 When you allow yourself to dream and set an intention... The energy around you takes you down the path to the destination of your dream. The destination is a shift in a paradigm that allows you to live in a different space energetically. It's not a physical place... It's the place where you are tying to shift to energetically. a mindset.

I have worked with hundreds of people in annual Master Manifesting, Goal Setting and Paradigm Shifting workshops... I teach what I have done with my own life for the last 25 years. There is no reason that I should be the person that I am today based on where I came from. I am the person that I want to be... and with every shift that I decide to make... I am settling even deeper into who I am. The whole Me.

I BELIEVE that everyone has the power to shift their energy, change their thoughts and create the life that they desire.

Dream... Then Dream Bigger... Intentionally set your intentions.... 
This allows you to Manifest your dreams, goals and desires.... leading you to the destination set by your intention.

I do so much work behind the scenes for and on myself. Some I share. Some I don't. I always have a destination in mind... So that I can recognize the opportunities when they present themselves.

I want to share the next stage of my journey openly because I BELIEVE that it can be of service. There is a lot of shame and shaming surrounding everything that I will address. It should all be mainstream and the norm in my opinion and I do know that when people talk about things openly... the shock and stigma fall away in time.

I am putting together a pretty amazing dream team! I am practicing what I preach... I truly BELIEVE in hiring the right fit professionals for the job to make the task/goal easier to achieve....

Work smarter - Not harder. 

It was my goal to keep getting better after 40- Better for ME. I was really good about getting my nails done every 2 weeks... massages at least once a month... Working out... and then I slid backward a bit with all of the "life events" of the last 18 months.... But, I am getting back on track and I am once again sharing my story.

*Image Consultant
*Plastic Surgeon .... YES... Plastic Surgeon
* and more.....

I Know for a fact that I can DO IT ALL myself... The beauty is that I KNOW that I DON'T have to anymore. I am excited to introduce you to the team... I am wrapping up solidifying everyone... interviewing a few more... and then I will share with you!

let's take away the scary, the unknown, learn about new things, options that we didn't know that we could consider... And learn to love ourselves--- getting better with age.

adopt one or adopt them all...

Join me on this journey of discovery - mentally, physically and spiritually.


Pathfinder Series Host & Producer

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Pathfinder Series TV Show is the next step in my journey! I am setting up the team to bring you the next stages of my journey... All seen on TV and in my blog!

We are shooting the intro to the new Series!
Join Me November 13, 2014

Check out the Pathfinder Series Blog for More Info....

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