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I just finished Kimberly's 360 VIP Day and am overwhelmed with how much clarity I have. A previous "branding expert" put me on a path that wasn't a good fit for me, and I wasted a lot of time trying to make it fit. In one session, Kimberly helped me see my real audience--professionals who work in organizations and who must act as an entrepreneur, such as travel agents, insurance agents, and so on. Suddenly, it clicked. I know large organizations since that is my background; I've been a successful entrepreneur for 25 years; I know how to marry the two and serve this unique audience. Thank you, Kimberly, for your insights and generous spirit. Your VIP program rocks!

Patricia Haddock
The Successful Professional

Kimberly Reyes was awesome! Truly an inspiration. Her networking techniques make so much sense. I learned that I have to pay more attention to peoples body language and take notice on where they're standing in a room. It's very important to identify if someone's an extrovert or introvert, once you learn this you can use the tools that Kimberly teaches, to approach the person. I will definitely benefit from this workshop, not only in business, also in personal relationships. I look forward to using her unique technique in my future connections.

Thank you Kimberly!

Cindy Gonzales

"I hired Ms. Reyes to perform my office interior re-design
The elements recommended and implemented for us were very appropriate and tasteful. The color scheme that was included in the proposal was, in my opinion, "risky", but when completed, was spot-on. The consultation was very in-depth, and included important items that we had not previously considered. All in all, a very fine job, and a great value for the fees charged. I would highly recommend Ms. Reyes' services"
Timothy Collier

Principal: The Green Plumber
 Introverts and Networking 

"Thanks Kimberly for the great look into our introverted and extroverted selves at the Wise

Women's Circle. It was so great to hear that an introvert's tendencies to focus on oneself is just 

how we deal with fear, not a character flaw."
Valerie Jew
Berkeley Unified School District

" We were ready to go forward with our home addition floor plan design that was proposed by our architect, and felt a bit uncomfortable with some of the design elements. We hired Kimberly to review the project, and she quickly envisioned how to rearrange the bathroom, laundry and bedroom to make the space flow much better. Her ideas will make a huge difference in the everyday functional quality of our home. She seemed intuitive as to our needs, and recommended practical solutions to our concerns. We have hired Kimberly for the balance of the project design. Well worth the money!"
Tiffani Stiaveli

I have had the privilege of hearing Kimberly speak two different times as keynote speaker and then hearing her in countless other occasions as the moderator and leader for Mastery for Women. Kimberly has a way to tell the story to get her message across that is not only important to the message but entertaining to the audience. I always look forward to hearing Kimberly speak.
Jim Bellacera
President and Founder 
Successful Thinkers Network

Kimberly is a dynamic speaker that lights up the room. I have had the privilege to have booked her several times to speak to our group and she draws a great crowd. Kimberly is known for her flow, story telling and humor. She has the ability to draw you in with her smile and keep the room engaged with her stories. I highly recommend her to your group and look forward to her coming back to our again soon.
Madlen Mirzaian-Saddik
Lead Ambassador and Speaking Director
San Francisco Peninsula Successful Thinkers
Journey to Mastery: Take Your Business to
New Heights with the Wisdom of Masters

I have gotten so much feedback! People have just not stopped talking about your presentation…. Inspiring, compelling and thought provoking! Kimberly always draws a crowd...
Joyce Gardiner Filatreau
Regional Sales Director and Training/Event coordinator
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Life lessons for me personally and professionally that I am still recalling and putting into action 2 years after I first heard you speak…. You really made an impact on me. Ms. Reyes is a fascinating speaker and her prejudging talk was extremely influential. 
Tara Miller
Life Coach and Speaker director
Women's Wellness Holistic Nutritional Education

I had the privilege of hearing Kimberly Reyes speak at the San Jose Successful Thinkers meeting. I was so happy that I was there to hear her because her speech really made me think about perception and how we pre-judge others before getting to know them. Kimberly was very professional in every sense of the word.  I truly enjoyed hearing her speak and look forward to hearing her speak again in the near future. 
Donna Gunselman
VP of Relations Successful Thinkers

When I suggested that Kimberly Reyes speak at a meeting of my networking group I knew that she was a thoughtful, engaging person who would bring great energy into the room. What I didn't know was that the information she provides is insightful and useful for both the novice and seasoned networker. We all got something we can use to make our networking even more effective. She is a quality speaker and I highly recommend you invite her to present for your organization. 
Julie Foucht, 
Kickass Biz Coaching
Professional Women Networking

"Kimberly Reyes is an exceptional entrepreneur and networker. She puts her clients at ease and makes it safe to talk about what they really want and need both personally and professionally. In the work I have done with her, I appreciate her heartfelt approach that embraces the entire person. She intuitively understands what you need and provides gentle guidance when you don't! 

A generous and consummate Connector, Kimberly willingly shares her resources and network with her clients for the benefit of all. Working with Kimberly has given me clarity about my business and helped me carry some difficult personal challenges. 

If you need someone to help you find the path you need to follow in life or work, if you need a safe place to re-discover yourself, Kimberly is the pathfinder you need. My life and work are more complete having her in it."
Patricia Haddock


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Radio interview on the
Mastery for Women's Saturday Morning Coffee Call with Deidre Trudeau Hosting

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It's all about the journey and shifting your paradigm. It's not where you have been, it's where you choose to go. Life is a journey.

Heart to Heart: Lifestyle by Design 02/08 by OracleRadio | Education Podcasts
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you in a relationship with someone that is an introvert and you are an extrovert or vice versus? How is that going for you? Have you ever considering designing your lifestyle with intention and purpose? In this episode, Dr. Shinshuri dialogues with Kimberly Reyes of Lifestyle by Design. Kimberly takes a unique approach to helping introverted and extroverted couples create lasting relationships.


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Episode #121- Bringing Color Into Everyday Design
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