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Networking for Influence

We can't control anyone else, but we can definitely learn how to move through a space with grace and ease. Learn how to be the Hostess of your own space and make authentic, meaningful connections. 
How would you like to learn a whole new way to look at networking?
There are potential connections everywhere - Learn  to identify them.
·  Learn to have fun in any social or professional networking event.
· Introverts and Extroverts - Why does it matter?
· Learn to be the Host of your own Space (TM)
· Discover how to make authentic connections with anyone. It's all about the psychology of Networking... Let's break it down!

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover ...  
Learn to Open Your Eyes to Unimagined Possibilities

Do you know the biggest networking and client mistake that you could possibly make? No… it’s not being shy. Some would say it is making assumptions about people solely on their appearance. Making judgments about your client, customer or contacts may be costing you money, relationships and more!
· Identify your judgment style.
· Discover what creates our filters.
· Learn techniques to shift our perceptions.
· Recognize new opportunities all around you.
· Walk away with a whole new paradigm and way to see people

Color Theory within the Business Model...
Design the Results that You Want

We Let’s explore color and what it means in your surroundings. How it affects your business, clients and interpersonal relationships.
· Discover how color can affect your business,
· Learn how to get results by making small changes in your space.
· Implement strategies in your dress to make building rapport easier.
· Learn to lead your customers with the colors used in your mailers.
· Explore ways to positively enhance your bottom line

Much More......

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