Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Friday, October 18, 2013

BLOG GPS: I am Ready.... it's all transforming

I was chatting yesterday with coach extraordinaire Michael Tertes about many topics - one being why I want to end my relationship blog... My business reason over lapped with my personal perspective... Like so often happens with me...

I really feel like I have done the work. I finally feel settled and ready. I set my intentions, manifested my desires, worked on my personal barriers, gained clarity regarding the process and my value... I am sitting still. I am at peace. I am confident. I am calm... I know that the person that I am meant to be with is in my life. There isn't clarity about who that is...but, I am open and at peace with the process....

I haven't been on a dating website in a looong time. I haven't been dating or going out.... I am sitting still. People have wandered into my space that didn't belong, but they didn't stick for long. I am ready.

Michael told me about a Jewish theory that resonated with me...

"bashert," a word meaning fate or destiny. The word "bashert" can be used to refer to any kind of fortuitous good match, such as finding the perfect job or the perfect house, but it is usually used to refer to one's soul mate.

Michael expressed it as a state of sitting still to wait for your beloved. That was a "hit" for me... It resonated....

When you need a professional breakthrough and want someone to find your block... Michael is a good choice for you.... ALL of my stuff overlaps... but, the value that is clarity is priceless and Michael can bring that for you... What is holding you back from really moving forward in your professional success? Check him out!

The relationship blog isn't ending... it is transforming... just like me. It will be combined with my other blogs!

thank you for your support!

Designing a life with grace and ease 


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Introverts & Extroverts Networking... Why is it Important???

I have been talking a lot about introverts and extroverts. I don't really think that people have a handle on what this means... I invite you to come to one of my talks and discover a whole new way to see the people standing in front of you... It is also helping people to really get a deeper understanding about who they are and becoming super comfortable with just being them...

This was my #1 requested talk in 2013-2014....

Creating Better Business Relationships 


Introvert & Extrovert Entrepreneurs

I am booked to give this presentation 9 times in the next 8 weeks.
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We all just want 
to be seen and heard... 
As we are and Valued

Why does it matter?
Online sources say that over 52% of the population are introverts. I believe that this number is low. I would say that it is closer to 65% of the population. Inevitably every time I speak at an event, there is a line of people that come up to me or email me... and tell me that they didn't even realize that they were an introvert... And just that knowledge and being able to identify their behavior patterns is freeing and validating! Once you know your style you can incorporate effective tools & techniques to make your experience the best that it can be. It seems like there are more extroverts... because we are louder... But, it's not true!

It has been my observation that introverts and extroverts are NOT consistently connecting in the way that would benefit both. It is such an important connection. There is enormous value in those relationships. You often find introverts together or extroverts together... When you combine the two in one relationship, it is strong and beneficial to both...

  • Introverts - When you bond with an extrovert, they are protectors and can be the best Networking Wingman you can imagine. They will help you to be involved with more activities. Extroverts can assist you with many of life's issues out in the world. When you are with them, they help you to move through a space, yet not be the center of attention. They absorb that unwanted attention. An extrovert can help you to express yourself in public. They can help you to lighten up and have more fun... to get you out of your head. Extroverts can be silly and allow you to live vicariously through them or interact with them in a goofy way. Extroverts can be your cheerleaders when you don't feel comfortable doing it for yourself...
  • Extroverts - When you are out making your way through the world, you are missing the opportunity to meet and make connections with over 50% of the population. If you are networking, wouldn't that be an important thing to know? Introvert are thinkers, readers, educated, smart and thoughtful. It is a little harder to get an introvert to connect, but when you do... you have a friend for life. They are fiercely loyal, protective and engaged... They know their stuff and have a lot to offer.. We extroverts just need to give them the time, space and opportunity to just be (more about that later.)

No one is talking about it like Me or approaching it in the same way. I know that I can make a difference! I am passionate about helping you see yourself as you are; making it okay, so that you know how to move through an event or interaction with confidence... as you are...

How can it help You?
I believe that we can all learn to authentically connect in a better, deeper way. I believe that we can make all of our connections count. I believe that we can see and respect each other with just a small shift in our paradigm surrounding this one topic. It's not the only personality trait that matters. It is one layer of a complex system. I believe that this is the perfect place to start and that it is much more important than it is given credit...

You Asked & It's Back!

Creating Better Business Relationships 
Introverts & Extroverts
Teleseminar Series: 3 One hour Intensive Calls + BONUSES

Dive deeper with each session. Kimberly will give you more tools & techniques to make you highly successful, making deeper connections in business & in life!

This was my #1 requested topic for all of 2013-2014! 
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* Ever Feel Misunderstood
* Want a way to feel more seen
* Are ready to learn tools to use body language to guide the interaction
* More....

This Teleseminar is for you if you are an Extrovert & ...
* Feel that you overwhelm people
* Need to learn a more effective way to move through a space 
* Have people in your space that seem moody when you are around
* Know that you have introverts around you and want to learn tools & techniques to better       interact
* Are ready to be heard & seen just as you are...
* Much More....

This Teleseminar is for EVERYONE that wants to ...
* Identify your personal style. (Many people get it wrong)
* Learn about your opposite style
* Interact in a more meaningful way & reach more people. 
* Develop skills so that you know how to interact without misunderstandings.
* See people in whole new way
* Much, Much, More....

This early bird promotion will not be offered at the 
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My goal is to help my clients gain freedom. This is just one small aspect of what I offer to clients. There is a broad spectrum of factors that can keep you bound and barriers that restrict growth. My 360 Degree VIP Days walk clients through a complete analysis. 

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Kimberly Reyes
Clarity & Growth Mentor, Speaker, Author, TV Host/Producer
Designing a life with grace and ease 

Friday, October 11, 2013

BLOG Connect: It's OK to NOT connect

It's funny.  I pay attention to people. I notice the way in which they move through the world, in a big picture way... over time... behavior patterns and how they treat those around them.

At this point in my life I am truly, deeply, authentically connecting with people - or I am not connecting at all.

I have many, many acquaintances. But the people that I am choosing to surround myself with and give my vulnerable self to are the one's that I have connected with on a deeper level.

On this journey to be authentic and vulnerable... I have learned that I have offered the vulnerable me to too many people. I didn't know. I had never done it before.
I am paying attention and learning as I go.

There has been this strange energy with a woman that I know. She asked me to show up. I thought she was a friend. She's not and definitely not a safe place. It's funny. She is the only person that I can identify in many, many, many years that makes me just feel bad about myself. I feel her judgement and since I chose to let her into that vulnerable space,
I have allowed her energy to affect me.

We choose. We have a choice who we connect with and who we don't. When I realized what was going on, I shifted my power back. My strength and gifts are many. I gave to her because she had asked for help and offered her support to me. It's part of recognizing the person in front of me and owning my actions. I have observed her fawning over other women leaders that she comes across. Just like she did me... interesting... a conceived position of power that she wants to be next to... but, when you reveal the real you or the not so public persona...  she judges and turns on you in a very cold condemning way. It's not authentic. 
That is not my journey.

I understand why people have fear surrounding vulnerability. It can be uncomfortable and scary. But, like everything else, a muscle to flex and use, to exercise and develop. I am working through that and trying to
find the boundaries that work for me.

I am finding that the people yelling the loudest about being authentic and standing in their truth... are the one's that truly are not.

I talk about it in my blog, occasionally in public in the context of my journey or blog... But, I don't hold it up like a beacon to guide me or a shield to protect me as I move forward. I live it. I am living it.

I invite you to live it too. It's uncomfortable at first... But, beautiful and fulfilling once you settle in.

Choose who you connect with and Make 
those connections count. 
The value lies with the Deep 
Authentic Connections. 

Always with gratitude,

Designing a life with grace and ease 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


BLOG GPS: LOVE Today....

Relationships... Today ~ many relationships are in play... But, today's blog is all about the Love Life.

I am sitting in this very calm space. I was trying to describe it to a friend yesterday. It is a knowing of my future and a comfort acknowledging the journey to get here.

I have had to experience the things that I have in the last 4 1/2 years to appreciate what is coming into my life next.... I have learned lessons from them all.

There was the:

  • man that taught me how to end a relationship with dignity and respect.
  • man that taught me that it was okay to ask for help.
  • man that was so needed to please, that he was not a whole person.
  • man that was my friend, lover, love, friend.
  • man that we connected on an intense energetic level. Strong physical energetic bond. People could see sparks when we were close together. The man that broke my heart.
  • man that showed me that I needed to learn to be patient.
  • man that showed me incredible kindness, but was not available.

My heart is more than healed. It is full and thriving and loving in ways that it never has before. I am filled with such love in my life. It surrounds me and is filling all areas of my life. 

My journey has only shown me what I want and what I don't. What I value and respect and what I don't.

I am embracing the future and ready for the beautiful gifts in store for me <3

I would love for you to share where you sit today. 
What are your dreams, wants and desires? Are you ready for LOVE or maybe you have already found the love of your life?

Let's inspire each other!

Designing a life with grace and ease 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Blog Journey: Guest Blogger

We are all on a personal journey and part of mine is highlighting and celebrating the 
shift and movement of other women. 

Today's Guest Blogger is Tara Christina and she is definitely moving in the right direction.

Please visit her blog and check out the variety of topics as you scroll through.. 

Feel free to leave comments here and on Tara's Blog. 

I do plan on having other guest bloggers as I continue on. I hope to collaborate and always show you something new and authentic... 

Here is a lovely post that Tara made after attending a workshop that My Mastermind Team

 The Mastermind Power of 3

During the weekend of September 14 and 15 of 2013, I experienced one of the most profound weekends of my life. I was invited to participate in a Mastermind Weekend with 3 Powerhouse women who have named themselves “Mastermind The Power of 3.” I had no idea to what I was getting myself into and I’m extremely grateful that I said yes.  I would like to introduce to you the three women who I affectionately named “Mastermind Angels,” about half-way through the weekend. Before I do that I would like to share an excerpt from my journal that weekend.
“This is truly a Million Dollar Weekend. These three are like a perfect symphonic melody. ‘Mastermind The Power of 3,’ Mastermind Angels who creatively support the business woman in Birthing her Dreams into a Reality. I heard this was a $20,000 weekend. I would honestly quadruple that. What they offer individually as well as a team is of Extreme Value. Bonus, I got to connect with some really sincere, Powerful Business Professionals who not only added Value to my life, but to the Universe as well.”
photo (15)

Branding Expert, Joie Gharrity of No. 113 Branding; Joie will not only see you through the creative process of finding your Unique Brand but she will make sure you find out who you are, who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world, combine it and put it in a brand that is perfectly tailored to you and the clients you desire to serve.
Kimberly Reyes of Kimberly R. Lifestyle by Design; Kimberly can no doubt look at you, your information and devise a Lifestyle plan that compliments you and how you want to present yourself in business and life. So whether you need support in Networking, Home or Lifestyle Design, this is the Lady for you.
Entrepreneur Business Consultant, Patricia Haddock of The Successful Professional;  Patricia is a Powerhouse Strategy Expert who has an amazing knack to look at you and what you are doing, compliment what’s working and support you in turning around what’s not. She as a no-nonsense approach that can and will lead you to expand your reach to the type of clients who will want to work with you. You will not only be able to help them, but achieve an increase in income at the same time.
Three amazing women with 3 very different talents all combined into 1 Powerhouse Team with an indescribable amount of talent. If you haven’t already heard of them you might want to look them up. All I have to say is WOW and Thank you!
Designing a life with grace and ease 


Thursday, October 3, 2013


Blog Connect: Am I Walking the Walk AND Talking the Talk?

I always say that I do it differently than everyone else and I just don't know how to do it any other way... I have opinions about myself, my life and how I want to move through this world. I can only control and take care of me. My lifestyle may not be right for others, but I offer up my thoughts and share my journey. I think it is helpful to share, so that people can see that others have had struggles, have worked through life's issues and been successful. 

I am walking the walk and talking the talk. I truly live what I talk about. I have my opinions about Networking and Mutual Collaboration. They are not in alignment with everyone else. I am very solid about the foundation of what I am talking about, and how it can benefit everyone. That is how I live.

I have been a  super connector my entire life. 

I connect people with other people and resources on a daily basis. I never think twice about it. That is the way that my brain works. I love to see people succeed. If I can see a way for them to do that... I want to help. I LOVE it! That is why I like the X Factor and those types of shows. 
Not for the humiliating part... But, the joy and success aspect of the shows.

I have always been one to celebrate other's success. 
I can never, ever remember seeing someone succeed or have good fortune and thinking to myself..."What about me?" I have had friends and colleagues struggle with this and I didn't judge, but didn't really understand that space. I don't know if it is jealousy, envy, or another emotion. 

As one of my friends said to me not long ago... "Kimberly, you are running with the big girls." I guess I thought to myself, I don't really think of people like that...
This isn't new. This is my life.
I just have never thought that way... I measure people differently.

However, I had a new experience this week. 

I am surrounded by an enormous amount of very successful women; which means that many are far more successful than I am, in one way or another. That doesn't bother me. I love it. It doesn't intimidate me. I love it. I never compare myself. I just don't do that.
I am super proud of them and want to support them.

These women are already successful & I am a natural Connector... How does that interact with my own desires and dreams? 

That is what I was faced with this week. I have some great connections. I can hook up some high powered women with resources. I haven't done it for myself to date... I honestly haven't been ready. Now that I am on that edge and ready to make those leaps..???

What about Me?  What am I Doing for Me?

So... this is what happened. I connected someone I know, with someone else that I pitched a tv show to. He didn't help me, but is helping her get a radio show. Honestly, that stung a little. It surprised me that it stung, or that I even gave it a second thought. Truth is my idea was great, my pitch sucked. She is in a different place and is totally ready. I adore her and want her to succeed.

But... What about Me?

Now she needs some other things that are pretty specific and I know people that I can ask for resources. The thing that really blows me away, and I am not proud of it... is that I paused. I didn't jump on the phone, or shoot off an email like I normally would. I thought about what I wanted and if it was right to connect her..

Would that affect me? 

Well... the answer is YES I should connect her. No, it will not affect me and that shouldn't matter anyway. If I am good enough, the things I want will come to me. We are all unique and stand on our own Merritt. There is room for everyone, and it is not until we all believe that, and not try to hold the other person back (which includes doing nothing when you have the ability to do something), but instead try as hard as we can to lift each other up, that we will all be moving forward. There is luck, hard work, talent and Karma... I have ALWAYS believed that. 

I was terribly embarrassed that I stopped to think, "What about me?" I have never in my life thought about life in that way. Not my proudest moment... I am so used to doing things for people that I believe in without them asking... That I paused to wonder who would do that for me...

That is authentic. 

Truth is... I am already surrounded by women that are doing that for me.

I believe that the emotion that took over was Fear. Fear seems to be the dark emotion that pops up for me when I least expect it. The fear that I will not be enough? Maybe. I saw it and put it back in it's place. It doesn't feel good and it's not pretty. I don't live my life that way.

The things on the horizon are Big! I had a momentary lapse based on the fear of the unknown. Without big risk there are no Big rewards. I hope to never have that type of thought again.
It wasn't fun. It was Ugly.

It seemed like a test. 

I didn't like it & it didn't feel like me.

Like most things with me, it didn't last long.
I found my way back to my center pretty quickly. 

I will keep working hard, moving in the direction that I want and supporting those around me as I do.  I will continue to move through life unwavering and consistent...

This was just a minor blip on my journey.

I honestly believe that we can all live our dreams.

Designing a life with grace and ease