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Creating Better Business Relationships for Introverts & Extroverts

Are you a networking entrepreneur? Thinking back over the last year - Have you created an authentic relationship with the people that you have met networking? Have those relationships lead to referrals and an exchange of energy that continues to help your business grow and thrive? What about the people that you have met in the last three years? Five years? Have you created cheerleaders for you and your brand?

A Master Networker learns the skills necessary to make lasting business relationships. Those relationships can be generating leads and support to help your business thrive and make your bottom line soar.

Learning ONE basic principle can 
make all of the difference!

Recognize, appreciate and communicate with different networking styles can broaden the number of networking leads AND teach you new techniques to better connect with your clients!

Introverts and Extroverts have different styles! We are wired differently. It's a gift! I can show you why and how if will benefit your business in any different ways.

There are so many factors that you can take into account as a business owner when you are dealing with an opposite style than your own...

Are you an introvert working with an extrovert client and sometimes find it hard to really read your client's needs or reactions? Do you question your words and presentations over and over before presenting them to a client? Is it exhausting trying to figure what techniques to use with clients or how to verbally communicate with an extrovert?

Do you need tips regarding an extroverts innate characteristics to help you with client retention, building better sales, or initial client attraction?

Would it be valuable for you to have specific tools and techniques to use when interacting with an extrovert to create better trust, confidence and rapport that leads to increased profits and referrals?

Are you an extrovert that loses client leads and are not sure why? Do you have interactions and end up questioning why you are not building those leads and relationships? Maybe you go in strong and confident only to leave and question your actions when you are in the car on the way home. Do you feel like a lone wolf that is running a business with little or no support? 

Would it be valuable to have clients that refer you over and over? Clients that seek you out and feel loyal and connected? Do you want to feel like you are not alone and that people are showing up over and over... connections are being created on a deeper level. Would you find value in having to work less, feel less exhausted by the chase and have a Rolodex of resources that you can count on for a lifetime? It is often the extrovert that thinks that they don't need to learn this skill... Examine the quality of your connections and how easily you build rapport? Would you find value in increasing the quality of your connections and relationships? How would that make your life and business better?

                                    Join in for 3 LIVE One Hour  Calls!

I have created a 3 part teleseminar series to expand on the talk that has been creating so much buzz!

You are invited to join us for 3 One hour LIVE calls that end with a question and answer session! I have have been building and creating these unique tools and techniques for over 6 years. You will not find them anywhere else. I am the only person teaching this and it is my goal to be of service and offer this information to as many people as I can. It has made a huge difference in my life... and I am confident that it can do that for you as well.

  • February 5th, 2014 7:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. Identify your personal style: There are many types of Introverts & Extroverts - Learn safe and productive techniques to prepare, attend and thrive in social settings. Develop skills to Intentionally build rapport.

  • February 12th, 2014 7:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. - Learn to honor your opposite style by Exploring misconceptions regarding body language, styles and responses. Get Unique Tools & Techniques to implement immediately for maximum results - increase your bottom line.

  • February 19th, 2014 7:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. - The best business relationships are made up of introverts and extroverts. Attain the unique Tools and Techniques to amplify the benefits from collaborating and fostering differing networking styles. Take away Future relationship building techniques that are shared for your your personal and business success!

Dive deeper with each session. Kimberly will give you more tools & techniques to make you highly successful, making deeper connections in business & in life!

I have seen these unique tools and techniques change lives. They can lead to personal happiness, confidence and heightened business success. 

                               (All Calls are recorded for you to download)

Normaly $450 -       My gift to you: $149                 sign up here

I have seen these unique tools and techniques change lives. They can lead to personal happiness, confidence and heightened business success. 

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It's such an honor when bloggers blog about you! Thank you Leslie Rivera for such a glowing review and sharing my passion with your readers!

Lasting Business Relationships Through Networking

Artful_Assistant 8Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you think it makes a difference in how you communicate with people? You bet, it does. Contrary to popular belief, introverts can be quite outgoing in social settings; however, they reenergize themselves by spending time alone and moving inward. On the other hand, extroverts reenergize themselves by spending time with other people and benefit from the compounded energy. During a networking event, I attended a fascinating presentation on this very topic given ... more

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What the heck am I doing with my brand anyway? It's My Journey.....

I've Got to Be Uniquely ME!
I Want YOU to Be Uniquely YOU!

My journey over the last 8-12 months was really about finding my passion... or current passion :-) and panning out where I wanted to land with my business and brand. I have followed many paths to figure out where I want my final destination to be... Quiet introspection is not the spot that I am most comfortable. It was a necessary place for me to sit and map out my journey.

What are my gifts and what feeds my soul?

and this is where I am at...  If it's not fun or doesn't feed my soul - I'm not doing it anymore.

People keep asking me what I'm doing and trying to figure out my brand... :-) They want to support me... They just need to figure out what it is that I am doing to be able to do that :-) I get it... I didn't want to be in a box, because I wasn't ready to commit. It didn't feel right and it took a bit to find the right fit, that was and is Uniquely Me.

Some of my supporters were frustrated. I needed to play with some trial and error to come to the place where I sit today: completely solid with my forward movement.

It's about taking my ideas and concepts and creating a clear vision to share... 
Sometimes that takes some variations before 
the final product is solid...

I don't want my journey to be anyone else's vision or design. I have been shifting my paradigms and creating my Lifestyle by Design my entire life... All of my passions have been consistently present and my life has come full circle... The work, research, experience, education and life journeys are all coming into play in a BIG way. I am incorporating a lifetime into a passion that I can share and be of service to my community and self at the same time. <3

I use my experiences and my journey to help my clients find the true path that is uniquely theirs. It's not just about self-realization. It is about embracing everything that is uniquely and authentically you and learning the tools and techniques to show up in the world just as you are.... 

More tomorrow....

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Manifesting your Goals & Dreams Workshop Intensive - Special Pricing!

It’s Back! The third annual

Manifesting your Goals & Dreams
Workshop Intensive
Previously by invitation only… for my VIP clients

Get ready for a day of introspection, play and transformation!
It’s time to play big in 2014

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I believe in creating the life and future that you want! Release, Renew & Re-Energize!

You Will:
* Engage in Fun—Energy shifting Exercises!
* Learn to let go of what is not serving You!
* Participate in a guided goal setting session
* Mingle with other amazing women that want to carve out their unique path!
* Create a vision board—Targeted and specific! Not just a collage… a Road Map… for SUCCESS!
* Special GuestDani Vox will share about the frequencies of your thoughts and how it affects your body, your mind, the people around you & the world. We give our manifestations life with our personal energy. Dani will gift us with her knowledge and talent! I’m excited for you to meet her!
* Take home valuable Manifesting techniques and a plan, to Use the strategies learned to achieve your goals!
* Together we will develop our goals, manifest our intentions, speak them into the universe & write them on the walls! POWERFUL!!!

When: January 25th from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Where: Foster City—location will be mailed to attendees
Seats are limited… & Special Pricing ends soon…

Tickets: $197 early bird registration $97 until January 15th,2014!!!
OR Purchase a pack of 5 workshops and get the 6th FREE at the early bird rate… Just until January 15th, 2014!!!

That is $485 for the entire series— A $1,192 Value!
Make 2014 the year that you Create, Manifest and Follow-Through on Your Intentions!
Check out the full Series of Workshops on my website!

"I am predicting bouts of pure joy and bliss in 2014!!! Long periods of warmth and love Overall positive growth and extreme kindness! Here is to Love, Kindness, Friendship and Success in 2014! CHEERS! "

Kimberly R Lifestyle by Design 
Designing a life with grace and ease 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why I stopped Blogging... & My Path back to Me!

I have been accused for years of being little Miss Polyanna and always being happy and sharing the good. I was told last year by someone that was depressed that it was painful to follow my story because I seem to always have everything going my way, successful and happy... 
I shared that in one of my blogs.

and then.... I shared as the storm took over my life.... and I was told that it was painful to read my story  & hear about difficulties... I can't please everyone.... I show up as me.
As I am. All of the time.... 
100% Me.....

All the while... Letters and Messages continue to roll in.... 

It's all real. It's all vulnerable & authentic. That's why people continue to follow and join me on my journey. I lead and follow. I create and share. But, it's always me. Thank goodness my life always goes back to good, happy, successful and forward moving.... I always succeed and there is nothing that I can't accomplish. 
I may have roadblocks... but, I always reach my goals.

 I am on the road back to that right now. I feel great! Optimistic! Strong!


( See the bottom of this blog post for one of my posts regarding what I thought of Greg Dills)

I haven't written or posted a thing that actually contained any kind of thoughtful sharing or writing since Greg Dill passed away... Not one thing since the funeral. I was going to sit with it and post my thoughts, feelings and experience regarding the funeral and my loss, but just didn't have the heart.

I am still not ready to share what I feel or thought about that experience. Maybe at a later date. It wasn't what I thought it would be. I am glad that I went. But, don't expect me to be attending any funerals in the near future. If I love you, You will know now... In the present. I don't need to show up after you are gone... It helps some. I don't think I need that experience and if it is someone that knows me... they will respect how hard those experiences are for me, accept that I did my part while the person was here, and that will show my respect and love.

Hard thing is that for the last 2 years almost ALL of my personal blogs and posts that were about my journey and all that goes with it... were consistently commented on and contributed by Greg Dills. If he wasn't sharing in public, he was calling or messaging behind the scenes. I just haven't had the heart to continue that knowing that he would not be giving me his two cents, trying to guide and protect me... even if he was off... he was kind and caring - always present. His profile is still present all over the internet and his picture consistently pops up when I am online. That is hard. Usually when that happened before, it was followed by a call or instant message....

I have known or been connected to over a dozen people that passed away this year. I only attended one funeral: Greg's. It has taken me two months to start to pull out of that... For those that walked me through that experience ... you know how hard that was for me. 

This year, I have had several friends with cancer scares... and three people that I am extremely close with going through major cancer treatments at this moment. Family...

I just spent the last week with one of the most important friends that I have ever had... and she is struggling with her forth round of cancer.... No words will ever be left unsaid. She is my hero. I strive to be more like her as I continue on my journey. While I was there she received the word that one of her other friends passed away from brain cancer and her cousin also passed away from cancer this year.

I want to be supportive to those around me... and have struggled with my deep hurt, fear and sorrow as well.

It has been relentless. Every-time that I have felt that I could lift my head and breathe a bit... 
I was hit by something else. Something else MAJOR!

I went through that VERY public ordeal with my sister being in and out of the hospital for six weeks, multiple surgeries. 5 months later she is still a mess... to say the least. It's not over. Who could forget my walk into the ocean? My multiple tickets... and Messed up karma....???

I have had one major hit after the other this year... The first part of the year was soul searching about relationships... I had to let some go and fight for others. Then it was friendships and boundaries. Intentions and trust.... It DID require 1 restraining order (and it wasn't a man)... Major changes were made in my love life... then friendships... then business connections and direction. Boundaries and value were main lessons that ran through the first part of the year. Who I could trust and who deserved to be trusted... and then came the second part of the year. 

The second part of the year is when all  of the death dying and illness showed up.... That is also when I found out who my true friends were and who was giving and not just expecting to receive. I assessed the life scripts that we carry throughout our lives over and over until we deal and heal them..... Childhood issues that had not been present in over 18 years, reappeared in different packages. A test to make sure that I do not carry any of that into the future.... A shedding of what serves me and what doesn't. 

I don't know what I would have done without these people and several others that I did not have permission to post pics of..... These 5 people have my <3 If you think you know me and know what a crier I am... These people know the good the bad and the ugly for sure and stand solidly right beside me... They have seen me stripped down to my most vulnerable core.... (Lesson #20 for 2013)

David gets a gold star encrusted with diamonds
 for enduring 30 years. :-) Although he never reads my blog :-
Those 2 guys are coming to visit me in a couple days! LOVE my friends 

It has also been an ENTIRE year of working diligently and mending my relationship with my daughter. We have tackled some BIG issues and I am grateful that she has shown up as a beautiful adult woman and met me tete-a-tete. 

It's been a lot of work and uncomfortable for both of us. 

We are in a better place than we have been in years. 
She is the biggest gift that I have ever gotten in my life.   I love her deeply. 

and then... UGH!!!
I gained weight .... again.... with all of this crap going on... surprise... surprise... I also messed up my knee again in January ... Thank you 2013.... to be continued.... 

In addition there have been MULTIPLE issues that just aren't worth going into: the painful politics of my resignation, tickets, court, IRS, trusting past business support only to find out that I should not have... more business issues... and more... It has been a year of being tested. Being forced to face anything and everything that I have left behind without resolving, ignored or made irrelevant. The universe forced me to deal with it all.... 

To my credit. I do not know many people that would still be standing after this year or been able to show up consistently for every single thing put in front of them. No matter how much I wanted to just go back to bed and pull the covers over my head... I gave it all my attention and showed up.
It is amazing that I am not curled up in the fetal position somewhere. 

I have never had a year like this or ever need or want one again. I refuse to carry it over into 2014 and have worked diligently to address every issue before the start of the new year. You would not even believe what was handled/accomplished in the last 2 months.... 

I have not been myself. YES! I realize that my energy has been off. With someone that is SO conscious of their energy and how that affects the room... Trust me when I tell you that EVERY TIME that I showed up for a Public event... It took an enormous amount of effort to shift my energy and prepare to be fully present.

I resigned from a position that I loved, went and launched a chapter and did a public speaking gig that night. 
I sat with an ill friend in the hospital and then went and did a speaking engagement. I found out in my car on the way to an engagement that Greg died. Less than two days later I had an event in my home...  I went to Greg's funeral and drove home early the next morning for 2 business meetings and one presentation. The list goes on.... You never know what is going on behind closed doors... That also includes the windows of the soul: the eyes. 

 Sometimes I did a better job than others... I have not been 100%. But, to my amazement... I still functioned. (I have gotten some unsolicited feedback and harsh criticism.) 

I am single... I still supported myself and continued forward- No time to shut down... There are some that turned on me when they sensed weakness and others that stood behind me to support and help me move forward. I paid attention.... This is not a bitch session. It is full disclosure. So that when I am off the charts successful... You will be well aware of my journey to get there... and you will see that not everything comes easy to me... Nothing has actually ever come easy to me.. BUT, I never give up on me and I never stop heading toward my goals... You are getting to see both sides...

 Everyone knew that I had things going on... few knew to what extent... 

I am back. I am getting back to me. I will always be back. I needed to deal with all of these things so that they did not hinder my forward movement.... The future is so intensely Clear! I am excited, confident and calm about my journey and look forward to sharing my success <3

                              If I can do it. You can do it too!

This has all been part of my path and a part of my journey. It only allows me to assist others along their path too... I can never forget the way to get back to Me or to help others get back on their path and once again find their purpose & journey. I am a pathfinder for myself and others. This is all training and a gift. The tough love, is the universe making sure that I succeed. It's a true sign of Love. Someone must REALLY love me, to make sure that I deal with all of this crap, so that I can be a success and not held back by myself or anything else that could have possibly gotten in my way.... 
I have been blessed by lessons that will help me move successfully into the future.

To conclude and get back to positive and Me...

Here is one of my first facebook posts mentioning Greg that preceded a series of posts about the men in my life that needed to be celebrated.... Greg was celebrated while he was on this earth by all that knew him... Me included and he knew it.... <3

December 6, 2012 

This is my fist post about my new project for 2013...
PLEASE SEE MY Celebrating Men 2013 Post for more info on this topic...

With ALL of my dating in the last 4 years... I have been thinking a lot... I can either write a country song (which I have written enough material for an entire CD... I try not to post that stuff)...  OR focus on the positive and the lessons that I have learned... AND what I have noticed about people and human nature in general... Men and Women need to focus more on the positive and appreciate the gifts standing in front of them (this is NOT about DATING)!

I have found that the men that keep telling me what nice guys they are… are not (squeaky wheel gets the attention). The ones that never say how nice they are… Just are. Actions speak louder than words… I want to Celebrate the Positive - They don't get enough Press 

These three men are my first examples... I was able to come up with a pretty long list... which made my happy!!! Greg DillsJason KnochenhauerDavid Schoepf

These men have authentic intentions. They care... sometimes more about others than themselves... I cannot picture one of them doing harm to another to make themselves feel better or due to any life event... Yet, they don't lose themselves in the process... They don't cease to show care, concern and kindness to others while continuing to grow as quality, caring, giving people.

All three are great fathers! They love their children more than anything: biological, step, not biological at all... They make them a priority! They have and continue to care about the development and souls of the children in their lives...

They have beautiful things to say about the women in their lives: past and present... They speak highly of women. They have pointed out the positive and not necessarily looked for the negative... Regardless of the situation... "We all have stuff"... They express appreciation for their past relationships... It would be presumptuous for me to pretend that I know what they want for a relationship.. But, I see them all as partners... wanting mutual love, respect and admiration... Growing together as one kind of men....

They all 3 give to the community in some way: friends, family, organizations... Yet.. continue to make their core the priority... They will be there when you need them. They will help you move, listen to you when you cry, pick you up when your car breaks down, tell you how amazing you are... BUT, the most amazing thing is that while they do all of this... the people in their core circle: children, partner, family... know that they are the most important thing in the world... To see a man openly love his wife is a blessing to experience. They are supportive to the world... but treasure those closest to them... They do not do nice things for attention.. They give from their heart....It is not about what they will get in return... or about keeping score... Looking at the photos... Another thought... All three are strong men. They are strong but sensitive... caring and kind. Wonderful Human Beings... and I want to thank them for being in my life 

they have All three have gone out of their way to check on me,

I am grateful....
Rest in Peace my Friend.... 

Kimberly R Lifestyle by Design 
Designing a life with grace and ease