Networking(TM) Events


One of a kind full immersion experiential events. To connect with other like minded women. We are creating community on a whole new level. Message Kimberly to be considered for this event. They are held every 8 weeks by invitation only, because certain people just need to be in the room with specific people.... Put in your applicaition so that when the "right fit" group assembles... You are Ready!

It WILL Change your life, relationships and your business!

Jen Duchene did a wonderful job capturing the feeling of the cabins and the overall spirit of the retreat. Love you!
Ever have a wish to go to Ralph Lauren type country cabin retreat with wine tasting and mastermind with 7 talented giving spiritual grounded powerhouse women. Laugh, cry, be seen, transparent, share your gifts and sit by the log fire, drink deep, eat hearty and come home richer with soul deep wishes come true, feeling supported and loved? That was the Energy Summit I experienced with Kimberly Reyes.

Networking(TM) Events

Step out of the ordinary with Spontaneous Connections. Fun one of a kind events designed to help you make connections
It's all about a new way of meeting new people, exploring new places.
Spontaneous Connections breaks you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary; discover something new about yourself and others!
 The VIP experience...     by invitation only

From all of my years of social and business networking - What I have learned is who needs to meet who...
Spontaneous Connections & Cameo Networking (TM) VIP Events put the right people together at the same event...

Unique experiences from spectacular tea parties, to city treks...
After work cocktails, to weekend picnics in the park. 


Applications & Inquiries Welcome

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