Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This little red wagon changed my life!

This little red wagon changed my life! 
It started me down the path of self-employment and LAUNCHED 
my National Speaking Career!

Step into Your Dreams -
Small shifts bring BIG changes

If you are going through any kind of personal or professional transition.... Large or small... If you are stuck, have slowed down or repeating cycles that keep you from moving forward- This talk is designed to help you to make small changes to break out of your comfort zone, give you tools and techniques to make small changes in thoughts, paradigms, actions and words to see BIG Rewards both personally and professionally.
· Gain a positive perspective about where you are & where you are headed
· Learn to shift perceptions regarding setting & reaching goals
· What are Your Personal and Professional Dreams?
· Clearly identify a path that makes dreams and goals attainable.
· Explore the powerful meaning of words & how to use them
· Consider ways to Stop self-sabotage & learn to leave the comfort zone.
· Discover how to move through fear to where all the yummy stuff lives!

Maybe all You need to find is 
little red wagon!

I will share my 
Personal Journey... 
It's not what you think
It's not the points of pain
It IS the ability to always rise above

Join Us for a VALUE packed event!
It's all about 
Transition, Inspiration & Transformation

I would love to see you this FRIDAY! I won't be talking about introverts/extroverts... but you know I LOVE to connect people. If there is someone in the room that you would like to meet... OR If you would feel more comfortable connecting with someone before hand... drop me a message and we will discretely set you up for SUCCESS! This is going to be a great event and I don't want you to miss it!


Transformational Leader, PATHFINDER, Clarity & Growth Mentor, MASTER NETWORKER, TV Host/producer, AUTHOR & SPEAKER